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Mike Trout is one of eight 'five tool players' currently in MLB, according to Statcast

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

We've known Mike Trout is a five tool player for some time, probably well before he was called up to the big league. The vaunted "five tool player" superlative has been bandied about for decades, and it's meaning is exactly as it sounds: a player who excels at five major areas of the game of baseball. Basically, it means a guy can hit, he has beefy power, sick baserunning skills and flashy speed, a cannon for an arm and a good glove to go along with it.

In the past, baseball minds have used the 20-80 scouting scale to see where a guy lands as far as having those five tasty tools(50 being the "average" score), but that was the old way of doing things. We live in the future of 2015, and just about every little thing a ball player does on the field can be measured and quantified. And there really isn't any baseball entity out there like MLB's Statcast when it comes to measuring all those little details, shining a light on just HOW good these guys are. In the case of Mike Trout, the technology wasn't really necessary. Our eyeballs show us he has those five tools. Now we have scientific proof.

Here is the criteria that Statcast was going off of for their search for the legitimate Five Tool Player:

Hitting: Batting exit velocity of ≥ 110 mph

Hitting for power: Home run distance of ≥ 425 feet

Fielding: Route efficiency of ≥ 98 percent

Throwing: Throws of ≥ 85 mph

Running: Top baserunning speed of ≥ 21 mph

A quick glance of that(or even a pair of Nike Lunar Trout 2s) tells me Trout passes with flying colors. Mike Trout hits balls extremely hard and far, something i've tweeted about a few times this season. He usually hits 22mph running, so he passes with flying colors there. The route efficiency is something that makes me appreciate Statcast immensely, as we normally just see him making things look so easy that it can be easy to ignore just how efficient he is.

The throwing part is probably the most interesting, as it's been noted many times that if Trout has a weakness, especially in the outfield, then it's his lack of a power arm. However, with a regimen of playing super-duper-long throw every home series with Kole Calhoun this season, his arm has gotten noticeably stronger.

There were seven other players that fit the bill, some surprising and some not-so-surprising, however none of them are Mike Trout, so they lose. Here is the full list of Statcast's five tool players:

Mike Trout

Andrew McCutchen

Carlos Gomez

Yoenis Cespedes

Lorenzo Cain

Hunter Pence

Ian Desmond

Marcell Ozuna

Mike Trout: king of the Five Tool Mountain, destroyer of worlds and baseballs, and ball player of the Most Valuable kind. Now, enjoy some tasty Statcast Trout Porn.