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Taylor Featherston had himself a day as Angels hand Rangers a 7-0 goose egg

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 7  Rangers 0

We now interrupt your Labor Day holiday weekend for an Angels Series WIn Alert. The following details have been checked and verified and the Angels did in fact take a series from Texas. Here's what we know so far:

  • Taylor Featherston went 3-4, including two RBIs. It was FeatherSTUD's first multi-hit game in his MLB career, and the Angels are now 4-1 in the FeatherSTUD era(I got this from a No Bolognia Polonia comment and it's the best nickname in awhile, although now we can use in unironically).
  • Hector Santiago was completely fine this afternoon. He gave up zero runs in his 6 IP start, and only gave up one hit, as well! Of course, he walked six but let's forget about that part for now. Good job, Hector.
  • The bullpen did a good job of holding the Rangers to nada, zilch, zed. Kudos to Cory Rasmus, Mike Morin and Cesar Ramos.
  • The bottom of the order cranked out 7 hits today, which is something we're not used to seeing out of that motley crew in 2015. Today it was Carlos Perez and David Freese, along with FeatherSTUD, who came through when it was needed. More of that, please.
  • Mike Trout had his first homer in 27 games. 27 GAMES!! That's the longest stretch he's gone in his big league career. It happened in the first, and was an opposite field solo shot that just barely bounced over the right field wall and had to be reviewed. Nothing gargantuan, but hopefully it busted his HR slump.
  • Today marked Mike Scioscia's 1400th career win. That's nowhere near 4000 games, but it's still quite a bit.
  • Minnesota lost, so along with this Rangers loss, the Angels gain a game in the Wild Card standings, but stand pat in the divisional race.

This concludes the test of our emergency, Labor Day Weekend Series Win Alert broadcast system. You may now step away from your desk and go back to tending to your yard, or put your phone away and get back to pounding some brews at a bbq. Today was a good day, baseball-wise. The two-headed monster of Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke comes into town tomorrow(Clack Kernkie? Zayton Greinshaw?), so enjoy this blowout feeling while it lasts.