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Mike Trout still missing, Mike Scioscia still fuming after 6-4 loss to Dodgers

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Angels 4  Dodgers 6

Mike Trout is missing, guys. Where'd he go? Do we need to put together a search party? Another night where he is creamed by the Dodgers, and the Angels are left with their asses hanging in the wind. A night when the only things to get hyped about was a Kole Calhoun homer in the first that answered a Dodger homer from the top of the inning...and a late inning rally that ended up being completely futile. That Justin Ruggiano shot that lead things off in the first would end up being pure foreshadowing. It was the message sent loud and clear from the beginning of the series: the Angels are overmatched, and so are their fans. The Angels are getting owned in this series, both on the field and in the cheering from the stands. Can the Halos faithful be blamed?

Andrew Heaney gave it his best shot tonight, but a huge sixth, in which the Dodgers tacked on four runs to their previous two, and gave the Angels a runaway 6-1 lead. With Clayton Kershaw on the mound, that's insurmountable and I wouldn't blame you if you tuned out.

The Angels made a run for it towards the end the seventh, loading up the bases and having Kole Calhoun at the plate. He ended up getting called out on a check swing, sending Mike Scioscia into full meltdown mode. Sosh followed an umpire around the infield and into the shallow outfield at one point, making sure the ump heard any and all feelings on the matter Scioscia was feeling at the time. Meanwhile, MVP chants were shouted from the stands. Not for Trout. For Kershaw.

They had flourishes here and there...signs of life, I suppose. A nice ninth inning for David Freese and Erick Aybar. It was only a few runs that cost them the game, but it felt like getting punched squarely on the chin by the head of a sledgehammer. No matter the effort given, the writing was on the wall early, and as the ship sinking for the second night in a row, in front of a blue/red swaying mass, the Angels skipper Mike Scioscia sat in his quiet office, turning page after page after page.

Are the Angels finally going to do it? Are they going to take a death blow at the hands of their crosstown rivals? It would be merciful, that's for sure. Mike Trout is missing, Mike Scioscia is livid and pacing the locker room, the Angels offense has no more answers for MLB pitching questions, and the supposedly home stadium is cheering their asses off for an Andre Ethier substitution. This is hell.

The Angels play one more against the Dodgers, and then they host the Astros. The horror. The horror.