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Angels destroy lowly Dodgers in humiliating 3-2 win, prove they're better than Dodgers in every way

Harry How/Getty Images

Angels 3  Dodgers 2

If you gave up on this Freeway Series after the first two games, perhaps opting to watch some Netflix or reorganize your sock drawer, then I’m sorry to report this but you missed one hell of a baseball game tonight. Are the Angels going to the World Series? No. Playoffs? Winning division? Hahaha...nah. Wild card...ehhh, no. BUT...they can still provide you with some pretty good entertainment and crosstown comeuppance. Garrett Richards took on the Dodgers, after young bucks Andew Heaney and Nick Tropeano gave it a go in the previous two nights to not-so-good results, and absolutely dominated them for almost 8 innings.

Garrett Richards started this game just like his series predecessors did: allowing a run in the first inning. His was from a Scott Schebler homer, and the Dodgers thought they had the game script on repeat. But Richards looked those Brooklyn LandGrabbers dead in the eye and said "Do you bleed Angels red? You will!" and then he cruised all the way to eighth inning, on his usually inhuman array of high speed death and breaking balls breaking bad.

The Angels, meanwhile, got the run back early via a David Freese RBI double. Then, in the third, the Angels got their first lead of this series when Kole Calhoun hit a sac fly. 2-1 and Richards on the mound dealing. The crowd seemed to be in it tonight. Could we see the end to this 8 game losing streak?

It could have all turned to dust and a bad memory in the eighth. With a man on, two outs and Chase Utley at the plate, Richards needed just one more strike to end the inning and put a nice bow on one exemplary pitching performance. What does Garrett do? He lays off the heater and throws an off speed breaking ball, which Utley crushes into the gap, runner scores, Utley has a game tying double.

The Angels put their foot down and said "Not tonight."

Kole Calhoun, the king of the team as of late, started off the crucial 8th inning with a double, sending hope and frenzy through the veins of everyone in attendance. Even Dodgers fans cheered for Calhoun, and gave him a 20 minute standing ovation(okay, that part is not true). Mike Trout wasn’t our clutch hero this evening, as he was struck out, but then came Albert Pujols. The Machine. Pujols made contact and while it wasn’t mighty, it was enough of a seeing eye single up the  middle to score Calhoun, and Pujols had himself a game-winning hit.

Huston Street came out in the ninth and destroyed all comers, giving the Angels a much needed win(for morale, at least) and put a stop to the eight game skid. This is why we watch baseball. I needed to see this game...give me that rush again. It may be meaningless, but it’s our team, and maybe it’s a tad excessive to be so pumped simply about not getting swept...but screw it. ANGELS RULE, DODGERS DROOL.