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Halos Heaven's 2015 stats show a commitment to online Angels dominance

In case you had any doubt, 2015 was another year of Halos Heaven dominating the Angels blogging game. That should go without saying, as this site has done nothing but grow since it's inception, both in the site's analytics department, as well as a general growth in scope, quality, content and Mike Trout gifs. Guess what? It's all because of YOU!

I'm starting to see the end-of-the-year numbers roll through, and boy, they look purdy. Looking at the spreadsheet from the SBN powers that be, there is no disheartening red in any category, just beautiful black as far as the eye can see. We're talking about page views, visits, uniques, the whole enchilada. We are kicking unholy amounts of rear end in the Angels blogging game, and if you take a gander at some of our rivals blogging neighbors, you may hear the sound of crickets emanating from your computer or phone speaker. That's because they don't have the COMMUNITY that we have here, and the scary part is we're only getting bigger.

Speaking of community, let's give a little pat on the back to some of our most prolific and undaunted commentariat. Here are your 2015 Halos Heaven award winners.

Most Fanposts

Rex Fregosi, come on down. You're the 2015 Fanpost champion. You will be presented with a laurel and hardy handshake sometime this coming season. Here's the Top 10:

  1. Rex Fregosi                        8
  2. Jeff B. Woodmansee                 5
  3. 5thStarter                         4
  4. ceverhart                          4
  5. Ivan X                             4
  6. pdxcentric                         3
  7. DAD OF VLAD                        3
  8. mattwelch                          3
  9. Pujols5                            3
  10. rogerrepoznik                      3

Hopefully a contender will step forward in 2016 and give Rex a run for his money.

Most Fanshots:

OMAHALO Fan takes the cake on this one. I'm excluding HH staff, as we should be posting tons of Fanshots all the time, anyway, and that aint fair. OMAHALO FAN was on his Fanshot game this year, often times getting one up on breaking news before I could. Keep it up, dude.

  1. Rev Halofan                        187
  2. Josh Mayhood                       114
  3. Stirrups                           24
  4. OMAHALO FAN                        10
  5. 5thStarter                         6
  6. Turks Teeth                        5
  7. red floyd                          5
  8. Jimatkins                          5
  9. Jim Gardner                        4
  10. eyespy                             4

Most comments:

Okay, now for the one you guys were waiting for. TOP COMMENTER! There was some heavy, heavy competition in this category, but one man would wind up leaving his competition in the dust. A man who never wavered in his commitment to commenting all day, all night. DESIGNERGUY, you are THE COMMENTING CHAMPION OF HALOS HEAVEN!

And that gif also covers the Runner Up, Red Floyd. You just knew it'd come down to these two trouble makers. It always does. Those two destroyed it this year, but 5th Starter gave it his best shot to wind up in 3rd. Here's the rest of the Top 10, just for good measure:

  1. Most Comments
  2. Designerguy                        20935
  3. red floyd                          15712
  4. 5thStarter                         10882
  5. htennis                            7297
  6. angelslogic                        6757
  7. angelsfan7                         6676
  8. supermarcio                        5524
  9. eyespy                             5397
  10. LanaBanana                         4885
  11. opiejeanne                         4861

None of those names are surprising in the least; that's the murderer's row of Halos Heaven commenters.

So like normal, Halos Heaven keeps on being the Angels blog juggernaut that we've known to love over the years, and there are no signs of slowing down. Our community is the most important aspect of all, though, and I love seeing the dedication and love you guys have for this site, day in/day out. Even when the Angels are down in the dumps or we're on Round 10 of Arte Moreno Did A Dumb Thing, we still have each other and we still have Halos Heaven.