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Garrett Richards and Kole Calhoun arbitration update and filing figures

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

With Fernando Salas and the Angels avoiding arbitration last night with a $2.4 million settlement, the two remaining players left to hash things out with were ace Garrett Richards and OF Kole Calhoun. Today, we learned that both have filed, and they will exchange arbitration figures with the Angels. Jon Heyman had the lowdown:

So that's where we're at right now with these Calhoun and Richards, both of whom are currently very important pieces of the 2016 Angels puzzle. There is plenty of room to meet in the middle on both, but both aren't out of the range of expectation, especially for a young pitcher like Richards. If both are met in the middle, than they will still be receiving a tad lower than some had projected, so a slight win for the Angels.

The biggest winner, no matter what happens, will be Kole Calhoun, who became arbitration eligible by a narrow margin of one game of service time. He would have been expecting about $575,000 if it weren't for that one game. The Red Baron strikes again.