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Mailbag Mayhem: Angels attendance, Johnny G's D, Creed or Nickelback, to Doge or not to Doge and much more!

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Alright folks. Get HYPED because another Thursday evening is here, and that means it's time for another round of Mailbag Mayhem!!!! Okay, so maybe you don't have to get THAT hyped, but just like last time, I put out the call on Twitter and Facebook for you guys, my beloved Halos Heaven readers, to ask hard hitting questions regarding Angels baseball, baseball in general, life, love and whatever else you could come up with. And like last time, you guys didn't let me down. Here are definitive(not really) answers on some of the most important questions(not really) ever known to man.

Let's do this.

This name sounds familiar. Wonder if there's any relation. Anyway, this question seems to be on the minds of Angels fans today, as I also got this query from a reader named Ryan Featherston on Facebook, as well(that name sounds familiar, too. Hmmm.). It's a good question, because they are pretty proud of that "3 million tickets sold" streak and it was in serious jeopardy last year. They managed to sell that 3 millionth ticket in late September, so it was fairly down to the wire. My guess is that they DO past the 3 mil mark once again, and they'll do it JUST BARELY(again). There seem to be plenty of casual fans out there who aren't as Chicken Little as many of us here, and I DO think the team is better this year, even if it's only by a little bit. Coupled together and I think you can safely say they'll get that 3 million, if only by a slim margin.

Look, Jonathan Lucroy is a pretty studly catcher(when fully healthy) but I'm not sure this team needs to deal any pieces right now for that position. I'm actually fairly comfortable with Geovany Soto, and i'm excited to see if Carlos Perez can build on his 2015 with some more playing time under his belt. Plus, Lucroy wants to go to a contender. Not sure we'd really be a landing place he'd be stoked on.

Unfortunately, I don't. He's 28, probably progressed as far as he can with his glove work. That is somewhat worrisome. Hopefully he'll continue to have huge, clutch hits that make us forget about the errors. Otherwise, we may see a lot of Cliff Pennington at 2B or even some Yunel Escobar(with Cowart taking over 3rd?).

My mind's telling me Dexter Fowler. But my heart is telling me Howie Kendrick. That's a genuinely tough call. Turk's Teeth likes Fowler, so that will be my tie breaker. Here's a life protip: always go along with whatever Turk's Teeth says, and you'll usually be on the right side of any argument.

Your friend could be asking for one of two reasons: either "which band is better?" or "which band is better for aural torture?". If it's the former, then...well, shit. This is probably the worst decision anybody can ever make.

I'm trying to give an honest answer that doesn't involve a cop-out, "neither, they are both horrible". Honestly, it's been so long since I've actually heard either band, most of my exposure to them in the aughts through today is via cliche(but deserved) mockery. So I just now went to Youtube to get re-familiarize myself with both bands, and I cringed as hard as a human being can possibly cringe. I guess if I had to choose, though, I'd go...naw, never mind. CAN'T. DO. IT. I CAN'T.

They're both putrid excuses for rock music; overwrought douchebaggery, condensed into soundwaves and consumed by white, mid-western automatons who secretly hate music but need something to listen to while they polish their guns. If it's a matter of "Who is better to torture people with?", then I'd probably say Creed by a narrow margin. Scott Stapp's voice and unintentionally hilarious and haphazard Christ metaphors FTW!


(oh, and if you don't follow Taylor Blake Ward on Twitter already, DO IT NOW! He's a great source of Angels info, and is currently doing a countdown of Top 100 Angels prospects that I'm extremely jealous of. Dude does good work)

You know, I was at dinner with friends last week and they were all going over what they'd do with Powerball winnings, and I actually said "Well, I'd buy the Angels!" but then my idea got shot down because they said it'd be a bad investment, that it'd never work, etc. Maybe...but whatevs. A man can dream, can't he?

I don't think so. Doubt they'll ever trade Mike Trout, too. I think we're just going to wait til a good free agent class comes along, while some money comes off the books, and maybe they'll also try to actually be competent in the draft and/or international signings. The team isn't anything to write home about, but I don't think things are "rebuilding years" levels of dire at the moment.

My advice regarding the OF situation is to just get used to what we have. I just don't see trades happening. It is what it is, and We Will Win With What We Got(hopefully).

At first I was like "ehhh, all dogs are great. Can't go wrong with either" but then I realized that Shiba Inu is the same breed as Doge. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Dude, this ain't even a close one. German Shepherds rock, and will be great dogs until the end, but c'mon. I don't have the time to commit to getting a dog right now(which makes me super sad), but if I did, and that dog was a DOGE, then I'd be the happiest man in the world. Is your gf not aware of Doge? If so, then dump her, and get Doge.

Seriously, you're getting Doge, and gf needs to recognize that.

Okay, guys. That was fun, but I gotta run. You were killing it with the great questions today. Most of which came from Twitter this time, so sorry if I didn't get to some of you guys on Facebook. There's always next week! Now, because my ears are still bleeding from subjecting myself to Creed and Nickelback, here is a nice rock and roll palate cleanser. I dedicate this to all of you crazy Halos Heaven readers...I truly love you guys all the time. Peace.