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Is Mike Trout's newest Topps card the best baseball card ever made? (Hint: Yes. Yes, it is)

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Mike Trout's new Topps card was unveiled today, featured as the #1 card in the 2016 set as voted on by fans, and it is a beauty. Topps actually had fans pick the player who should have card numero uno, and Mike Trout destroyed the field and took his claim, naturally.

"The first card in the Topps baseball set has historically been given to top players or has been meaningful," said David Leiner, VP & General Manager of North American Sports and Entertainment for Topps. "This time around, we wanted our great collectors to be part of the 65th Topps Baseball set, and they made their mark by picking one of the best players in baseball today."

This is the second time Mike Trout has had that Number One card bragging rights, the first time being back in 2014. But this year's card...this thing is more than just a baseball card. It is an culturally significant and Earth-shattering piece of sublime ART!

This card art masterpiece depicts his mind-blowing catch made against the Mariners last season, AKA The Best Catch I'll Ever See In My Lifetime. If a nuclear, financial or ecological apocalypse ever befalls humanity, those left to wander the wasteland will do whatever they can to attain three things: clean water, food and Mike Trout's 2016 Topps card. Every other card you thought was cool in your childhood is now rendered pointless and lame in comparison to Trout's new card. Topps, if they knew what was good for them, should do one of two things at this point: stop making cards immediately, because they will never get better than this, or start producing nothing BUT this card from here on out, in perpetuity.

Just look at me chills. I feel sorry for all other baseball cards. Guys, remember when we thought Ken Griffey, Jr's Upper Deck rookie card was dope? Or the Bo Jackson shoulder pads card? Mickey Mantle's Topps rookie card? Might as well burn all of those out, because they are worthless now(according to Mayhem's Baseball Card Monthly).