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Mailbag Mayhem: The DiSarcina effect, future of the rotation, Simba's jersey, trees falling and MORE!

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Another week, another edition of Mailbag Mayhem. TONS of good questions from our esteem, frenzied readers this week, so let's just dive right on in, shall we?

I think a more measured approach out there could definitely help them extend some innings and get more runs out of them. It's tough to say, though, because while Gary Disarcina was a human windmill(frustratingly so, a lot of the time), I think that high risk/high reward could pay off SOMETIMES. Still, they were up there in the leaderboard of outs on basepaths the last two seasons, and with Ron Roenicke taking that job, I expect him to be smart and fairly conservative. Let's hope it translates into extended innings and MOAR RUNZ!

Well, you answered that one yourself. I think you answered correctly, though, for what it's worth.

Another tree question. Trees falling in the woods must be on everybody's mind. As for the question, I think Michael Buble does make a sound when a tree falls in a forest. Instead of crooning, though, he goes full on Tuvan throat singing. Soccer moms around the world all of a sudden become huge Tuvan throat singing fans. Circle of life.

I think he should wear shades, because his future is bright. Not supernova bright, but sunny, nonetheless. I like NiTro and while his ceiling is probably limited, he's got a high enough floor that will make him valuable in 2016. Right now, he's depth. But with an aging Weaver and other question marks in the Angels' pitching staff, that depth will come in handy.

Your guess is as good as mine. Although some like to think that he's not looking towards 2017 FA class, but the 2018 FA class, which will be HUGE. Still, we needed a LF and just had a FA class full of amazing LFs, and no activity. Disheartening, but give Arte a couple years and he'll finally be over his previously horrible LF signing(Hamilton) that has kept him gunshy ever since.

I saw what you're referring to, and gave my two cents about it the other day on Halos Heaven. Basically, that 27th-out-of-30 ranking is nonsense. They didn't even give good reasons as to why the Angels would be so low. I'm not worried about our fact, i'm excited to see what they do. They're healthy, motivated and have lots of depth. LF is much more worrisome, don't trip on the starting rotation.

First inclination is to say Garrett Richards. According to him, he didn't feel fully comfortable out there on the mound until August, so hopefully he feels good right out of the gate. Couple that with his high groundball rate and the addition of defensive maestro Andrelton Simmons, and you have a recipe for Return To Ace Form success. Another great candidate is, of course, Tyler Skaggs, who we saw ZERO of last year. Tyler is healthy, been working out hard all off-season, and should be ready to rock and roll. Tough to say what he'll look like after missing so much time, but if he comes back as the Tyler Skaggs we came to love in 2014, then he'll be HUGE.

Nope. Don't think there's a chance. But I think at least one of those guys will have a good 2016, for sure, and if so, the Angels should be able to flip 'em for a couple good prospects come July/August.

Because Arte and Josh Hamilton's bromance didn't work out, we all had to suffer, I guess.

Ji-Man Choi becomes our new, favorite backup 1B after having a kickass Spring Training.

Tough for me to think anything gets Scioscia canned these days. I think he's with us til his contract expires or he unexpectedly retires. Dude's Teflon when it comes to Arte's ire.

Alright, now some good ones from our Facebook readers...brace yourselves:

Efrain Delacadena asks: What do you think the rotation will look like after the 2016 season when Weaver and CJ become FA. I like Richards Heaney Skaggs Tropeano and Shoemaker or Santiago. What you think?

Richards, Heaney and Skaggs will be there. I think Wilson and Santiago walk or are traded in late 2016. So throw in a wild card FA pickup or trade piece, and boom. 2016 rotation. Not sure how or if NiTro and The Cobbler will fit in, though. If at all.

Dana Rivers asks: I feel like The Angels will be a whole new team with so many major players traded. Do you think they can be a strong contender this year?

I have been on record as saying they got better this off-season, even if only slightly(and mainly in the defensive categories). They're also not TOO different from the 2015 squad...LF platoon is fresh faces and no more Aybar(BUT SIMMONS!!!), etc. I think they'll be fun to watch, but Texas and Houston are no joke. Not sure that the Angels can win the West, but they can compete and I don't think a Wild Card spot is that far fetched at all. I'm excited to see this group of guys do their thing.

Warren Johnsen asks:  Whats the scariest moment you've ever had in your life?

There are a few that come to mind, but I need to consult a lawyer before divulging. Some PG ones have to do with a car accident on the night of my sophomore year Winter Formal, or narrowly avoiding a catastrophic accident after falling asleep late night on the 91 freeway. Bad, bad times. The others, you'll have to wait for my unrated memoir.

John Burke asks: What chance do you see Cowart getting the 3b job and Escobar at 2b?

Not sure, but it's something i've been thinking about. I almost used this scenario as the answer to the "biggest surprise between now and April 1" question up above. I think Cowart's defense would be a great compliment to Simmons' lording over SS, and expecting Johnny Giavotella to replicate last year's success seems like a fool's errand. I think there's a slim-to-OK chance that this happens.

Kurtis Green asks: I can play left field better than who has been picked to play there

That wasn't a question, but...

Cody Brower asks: Plan on building a farm system in 2016?

Hopefully drafting smart as well as using a (hopefully) great season starts from C.J. or Hector to trade away later in the year for a couple decent prospects in return.

Glenn Jones:  Sign Howie and make him a left fielder.


I've reached out to the team for more info, because seriously...this is what WE SHOULD ALL BE ASKING. Simba is going to blow our minds day in, day out, and he's all ours for five years! GIMME GIMME GIMME. It was just announced yesterday or the day before that he'd be wearing #2(because of Derek Jeter...ughhh...who was also the reason that Erick Aybar wore it...ughhh), so hopefully they give us that merch soon. TAKE MY MONEY, ANGELS!

Alright, folks. That'll about do it for this week. Had TONS of good and/or weird and/or hilarious questions but can only get to so many. Keep your Halos heads up, we're only 20 days away from Spring Training. Baseball is on the horizon, and this cold Arte Moreno winter will be a distant memory, if all goes right. In the meantime, just KEEP ON MOVIN' towards Opening Day, but remember to do it here at Halos Heaven.