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Weekend Halolinks: Another LF off the board, another tumbleweed blows through Big A

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hey Guys, it's Josh. In case you're wondering where Stirrups' links are, don't worry. He didn't forget about you! In fact, he's quite upset that he isn't the one putting up this Weekend Halolinks post. Turns out, after spending a few hours working on the links late last night, SBN's editor totally borked his work, erasing it all in it's entirety. Not even the autosave function could help was all gone(it's being looked into and I wouldn't be surprised to hear someone from another site has a similarly rage-inducing story). To put it lightly, he is FUMING, and understandably so. Anyway, it was so late in the evening that he couldn't start over, and he's doing an all-morning meeting in his day job right you have me!

EMERGENCY WEEKEND HALOLINKS PROTOCOL: ENGAGED (insert bleep/bloop noises for production value)

Man, January has been tough so far with the Angels. No news, things being as quiet as they could possibly be. Thin blogging days, to be sure, but other teams are still having a go at a nice offseason. Alex Gordon was signed a couple days ago, so Royals got a LF. Yesterday, the big news was Denard Span going to the Giants. The Angels are standing pat, just like we thought they would and the mood around the Halosphere seems to be one of "We aint doing anything else. Can Spring Training just start already?". I start to feel like Ratso Rizzo, near death for lack of significant Angels news or baseball itself, and my one hope is that if I can just get on a bus to Miami Arizona, for Spring Training, then everything will be ok.


That Denard Span deal isn't too bad...about $10 mil per year. Giants got their man. If you're still looking for straws to grasp on to, then you could assume this will set the market now for the 2nd LF guys still out there on the market...maybe the Halos sign one of them. (No.)

The Orioles are one MLB team that may have had a worse corner outfield situation than the Angels last season, so it makes sense that they're reportedly in the market for one. They may like Justin Upton, but there's still Yoenis Cespedes, Dexter Fowler and Gerardo Parra. Good luck. 

In case you needed more Griffey Jr. love, here's some more Griffey Jr  love.

Speaking of Griffey, Jr. He immediately put his hat on backwards at yesterday's HOF press conference, to the delight of 90's kids everywhere.

Here's some good footage of that presser, with words from both Griffey Jr and our other new HOFer, Mike Piazza.

Someone ranked the careers of players from the legendary Simpsons power plant baseball team episode. Because it's the internet, I guess.

Roy Halladay has been tweeting the past few days about how he aint down with these steroid guys, specifically Clemens and Bonds, being in the HOF. Shots fired. Then, Roger Clemens had words for Roy Halladay. And that's how Twitter Baseball Beef is made.

MAYHEMLINKS!!!!! (insert explosion effect for production value)

How much power do you need to blow up a whole planet? This is something I wonder on an hourly basis while i'm at work.

The Offspring have sold their catalog for $35 million. That's about $34,999,999.99 too much, if you ask me. Either way, rich Orange County guys are now richer. Great.

South Korea is punishing North Korea by blasting K-Pop tunes across the border for hours on end. They were going to use Offspring songs, but couldn't afford it.

The crazy news from those Yeehawdists up in Oregon keeps reminding me of this old Mr. Show sketch. Hilarious stuff. "Get off my land!!!"

A DEADWOOD MOVIE IS HAPPENING. This is amazing news, and makes me endlessly happy.

This concludes EMERGENCY HALOLINKS. Thanks for your understanding. Stirrups will be back with his regularly scheduled programming next week, if he hasn't punched a hole straight through his computer already. You guys have a good weekend.