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Tim Tebow makes his Arizona Fall Leauge debut today and this is good for Angels fans

Tebow is going to to bring a lot of attention to the Scottsdale Scorpions - the same team that carries the Angels' prospects

Yep.  Expect to see a lot of footage from Tebow's AFL debut today.  Angels prospect Michael Hermosillo (who led off the game with a double) has the even better fortune of playing center field - right next to Tebow in left.  This might just give Hermosilo a good chance to hone those backup skills so that when Tebow inevitably misjudges a fly ball - Hermosillo will be there.

The Angels have 7 prospects playing ball in the media circus that will become the Tim Tebow show.

  1. Victor Alcantra, 23, RHP
  2. Adam Hofacket, 22, RHP
  3. Grayson Long, 22, RHP
  4. Eduardo Paredes, 21, RHP
  5. Taylor Ward, 23, C
  6. David Fletcher, 22, INF
  7. Michael Hermosillo, 21, OF
The good news with Tebow being on the team is that hopefully we'll get to see a game broadcast, or maybe some footage of our Angels prospects.  Or it could just become a huge distraction for them, which in a way is good because if you are going to make it to the big leagues - you need to able to handle the media and pressure.

I'll be following the 7 dudes above and will be posting weekly updates on how they are doing in the AFL.  If you want to follow along with the live Game Day for today's game, you can do so here.

If nothing else, it's going to be hard for a good performance to go unnoticed on this team - whether it's Tebow or not.