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October GM approval poll: Do you have faith in Billy Eppler?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

One full season of an Angels team under the watch of GM Billy Eppler has me fairly convinced that this guy is going to help the team. Well, he will help this team as much as he can, when he's not being hamstrung by the owner of the team. Yep, I like this Billy Eppler guy. Good hire so far, if you ask me.

I mean he brought us Simba, shipping away a fading Erick Aybar and a a couple prospects, Sean Newcomb and Chris Ellis, who were tough to say goodbye to but when you can get a guy like Andrelton Simmons, you do it. Billy did it. Bill also churned that waiver wire enough times that some useful pieces eventually emerged, like Andrew Bailey or Jefry Marte, and he brought back an intriguing project in Alex Meyer when he shipped Hector Santiago away.

In his first draft, he took Matt Thaiss in the first round and Thaiss has already shot to the top of the organization's prospect leader board, and he's shooting through the ranks and getting people's attention with his bat skills.

There are some other nice moves here and there that I could probably throw in there, but you get the gist by now, I think. Billy Eppler as Angels GM is A-OK in my book.

But what about you?

Here, in October of 2016, after that lackluster season on the field, but plenty moves from the front do YOU feel about Billy Eppler right now?