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Here are the key offseason dates for the Angels this Fall/Winter

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency - Five days after the World Series ends

The latest we could see a World Series Game 7 this year would be November 2, so the latest free agency will begin is November 7. Of course, if the series is a short one, that date will get moved up. This year’s free agent class isn’t anything like what next year’s will be, but there are still some familiar big names, like Yoenis Cespedes, Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen, Edwin Encarnacion and Halos Heaven favorite, Mark Trumbo.

Qualifying offers

Per recent reports, it’s looking like qualifying offers will be bumped up to $17.2 million for 2017. There are still some other wrinkles that MLB and the player’s union are working out, so clubs are going to have to wait for things to get finalized before decided to give a QO or not. They may just use the Winter Meetings as deadline.

Awards season - November 10-19ish

This is about the range, give or take a day or two, where we’ll not only get the announcement of the finalists for BBWAA’s MVP, ROY, Cy Young and Manger of the Year awards, but also learn who wins the Silver Slugger, as well. Then at the tail end, we’ll find out who won all of the BBWAA stuff. Mike Trout! Mike Trout!

Non-tender deadline - December 2nd

This is the deadline for the Angels to offer up a contract to a player that’s under team control.

Winter Meetings - December 4-8

The Winter Meetings are the glorious time when all the GMs and front office folk meet (this year, in Washington DC) to try to get some deals done while baseball reporters tire their poor fingers out from relentless tweeting about said deals and other juicy rumors. This was around the time last year when Arte Moreno told us that the Angels were going to do nada, so be prepared for possible letdown.

Rule 5 Draft - December 8

The Rule 5 draft is on the last day of Winter Meetings and is a three-pronged affair:

"The Rule 5 draft occurs in three phases, the MLB phase, where eligible players can be selected and placed on the 25-man roster for a $50,000 fee, and the Triple-A and Double-A phases, where players can be selected for a fee if they are not on the protected list, but in this phase, they do no need to go to the 25-man roster."

Now, as we all know, if a player selected via Rule 5 is dropped at any time in the season, they can be offered up to the team they were taken from originally, or offered up to the rest of the league, via waivers. This is how you end up with Taylor Featherston on your squad for an entire year.