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The LT Platinum Center is set to be the Big A’s fancy new neighbor (in 2022)

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The shopping and entertainment future of Angels fans is so bright, we have to wear shades, and we will be able to buy those shades from an overpriced kiosk as we meander through the LT Platinum Center before we catch a game at the Big A. Of course, this wont be til about the year 2022 or so, when construction is completed.

So, what is the LT Platinum Center? Well, it’s that mixed use monstrosity that has been talked about for awhile by the city of Anaheim, the developer (LT Global) and the Angels. The team is involved because the LT Platinum Center was proposed as an LA Live-like spot that would be smack dab on the corner of State College and Orangewood, right next to the Big A and it’s parking lot.

There was some concern recently from the Angels, mainly in regards to it’s impact on the local traffic, noise, etc., and they had issued an appeal to the project, which then resulted in some outside consulting firm more or less saying there is no cause for alarm in those areas.

With that news, the city and the Angels have now approved the project, which will cost an estimated $450 million and will look to give Anaheim another destination for various shopping and entertainment, pre-game or otherwise, but it’ll also include some buildings for both commercial and residential occupancy.

Now, how does this figure in to the talks between the city and the Angels about possible renovations, and who’ll foot the bill for said renovations? Well, it doesn’t, really. At least not yet. The LT Platinum Center was actually the rival mixed use project to the Angels’ own similar mixed use project. The Angels initially wanted their own LA Live type of place, and thought they could use money generated from that to spend on the stadium.

This news about the LT Platinum Center will take the wind out of those sails a bit, but it wont entirely kill the idea, either.

So, in 2022, who wants to meet up at the Cheesecake Factory at The Plat (that’s what cool guys will call the LT Platinum Center in the future, I think), maybe check out the new shirts at Hot Topic, and then catch a game?