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Here are the free agent OFs the Angels will take a look at this winter

Who is your fave? Ok, besides Mark Trumbo?

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Another off-season, another chance for the Angels to try and fill the LF field hole, or, if you’re more pessimistic, it’s another chance for the team to do nothing and just try and fill the whole internally and cheaply. Which, in this year perhaps more than others, might be OK with fans. The Halos have Jefry Marte who could be a cheap stop gap, after all.

Of course, there’s always the trade market, and perhaps when the Winter Meetings get closer, we’ll hear about some more hot stove action, and maybe it’ll be for a LF guy. But if not, and they don’t go a Marte-ish route, then what about free agency?

Well, here’s what we’re dealing with on the free agent outfielder market; a snapshot of all the OFs looking for a deal in the next few months. Not all free agent out fielders are created equal, naturally.

Jose Bautista, RF

The bat-flipper extraordinaire, although on the decline and becomes a big question mark as to whether or not he’s going to be able to pay dividends. Sounds sort of like someone the Angels typically sign, to be honest.

Age: 36

AVG: .234

OPS: .818

2016 salary: $14,000,000

Mark Trumbo RF

This is a signing that would make fans’ heads explode with joy.

Age: 30

AVG: .256

OPS: .849

2016 salary: $9,150,000

Josh Reddick RF

Age: 29

AVG: .281

OPS: .750

2016 salary: $6,575,000

Gregor Blanco RF

Age: 32

AVG: .224

OPS: .620

2016 salary: $3,900,000

Peter Bourjos RF

Hey, here’s another guy I remember! But let’s keep it in the past with Bourjos, ok?

Age: 29

AVG: .254

OPS: .688

2016 salary: $2,000,000

Matt Joyce, RF

Joyce had a decent year in Pittsburgh, which is entirely maddening as an Angels fan, after we saw him be a donut factory with L.A. Baseball is weird.

Age: 32

AVG: .242

OPS: .866

2016 salary: $1,000,000

Travis Snider, RF

Age: 28


Colin Curtis RF

Age: 30

Nick Swisher OF

Matt Holliday LF

Age: 36

AVG: .246

OPS: .783

2016 salary: $17,000,000

Colby Rasmus, LF

Age: 30

AVG: .206

OPS: .641

2016 salary: $15,800,000

Angel Pagan LF

Age: 35

AVG: .277

OPS: .749


Brandon Moss LF

Age: 33

AVG: .225

OPS: .787

2016 salary: $8,250,000

Ian Desmond LF

Age: 31

AVG: .285

OPS: .781

2016 salary: $8,000,000

Norichika Aoki LF

Age: 34

AVG: .283

OPS: .737

2016 salary: $5,800,000

Alejandro De Aza LF

Age: 32

AVG: .205

OPS: .618

2016 salary: $5,750,000

Michael Saunders LF

Age: 29

AVG: .253

OPS: .816

2016 salary: $2,900,000

So, if the Angels were to go the free agent route this winter, in hopes to sign a body to put in LF, who would it be from this list? Someone NOT mentioned up above? Who ya like?