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Andrelton Simmons dazzled and impressed with his defensive skills in 2016

Simmons was better than expected at the plate, but in the field he continued to show why he's one of the best short stops in the game.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

How good was Andrelton Simmons in 2016?  Well, he racked up this impressive highlight reel (it's probably nowhere near definitive) in his tenure with the Angels during 2016, AND he did while sitting out for about 6 week doe to an injury.

Take a look:

Yep.  Who really needs a third baseman or left fielder when Simmons covers most of that ground anyway? Heck, the dude even went into Mike Trout territory a few times and made some great plays.  It's no doubt that Simmons is one of the few reasons we had to watch the dismal 2016 season.

If you look solely at the numbers (like defensive and offensive rating in fangraphs or dWar and oWar on baseball reference), Simmons had his best offensive year in his 4 full season he has played, but also was slightly on the downside in defensive value.

The simple eyeball test, however, tells you that Simmons is still pretty darn awesome.  Just watch that video again if you aren't convinced.  Plus, Fangraphs measures things like how likely it is to field field a given ball.  The ratings go from "impossible" (Simmons had 11 of those and no he didn't get any), to "remote" (which = 1-10% change of making the play", and those categories go on to "unlikely", "even", "likely", and "routine".

In 2016, Simmons made almost 27% of the "remote" plays which means he had only a 1-10% chance of fielding the ball.  I think you can see some of those plays in the video above.   His previous best year, he only made 11.5% of the "remote" plays.

Regardless of whether or not his defense has regressed slightly, Simmons is STILL fun to watch.  AND we get to watch him (presumably) for the next 4 years.