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Rawlings announces 2016 Gold Glove finalists, and TWO Angels made the cut

Who made the short list for the awards that will be given out on November 8th?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you've checked out any of the highlight videos we posted over the last few days, it won't come as any surprise that a pair of Angels players made this list.  Carlos Perez (no love for Jett Bandy?) and Andrelton Simmons are the finalists for the Angels.

Carlos Perez is going to have a hard time winning this award given that Salvador Perez threw out almost 50% of would-be base stealers.  McCann threw out 45% and Perez landed at a respectable 37.5%.  Bandy, who threw out 40% of base runners had a bit less playing time which may have been why he was included.

Andrelton Simmons is no surprise at short stop, and has some good competition in Lindor and Iglesias.  However, my money is on Simmons here.  Biased, sure.  But no one makes those hard to get to plays like Simmons.

I'm actually quite surprised to not see Mike Trout OR Kole Calhoun on the list.  Both were finalists last year and Calhoun took home the award for AL Right Fielders.  This year, Trout was shut out by Kevin PillarKevin Kiermaier, and Jackie Bradley Jr. Calhoun was shut out by Adam Easton, George Springer, and Mookie Betts.  Yep.  Two Red Sux players in those lists.