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Halos Heaven approval poll: Do you have faith in Arte Moreno?

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Arte Moreno. Love him, hate him, indifferent towards him, matter how you feel about the guy, one thing is certain: he’s the owner of our favorite team, the Angels, and he’s not going anywhere.

He came on to the scene one year after the Angels won it all, and quickly ingratiated himself with the fan base by making some improvements here and there and, of course, lowering beer prices!!! What a cool dude!

Then he changed the name of the team to Los Angeles Angels. Then he brought in Tony Reagins as a lackey, and forced him to go out and get Vernon Wells. He also had his hand in the Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton albatrosses. He’s had a staff that puts a premium on the rich folks spending money in the stadium, and doesn’t go out of their way to court the average Joe.

There is the public blowup/ultimatum that saw Jerry Dipoto get ousted as GM. There is the declining attendance. There is the sudden unwillingness to spend, even though he’s doled out big time paydays to players before, often to to horrible, long contracts.

But those beer prices, though!!

We recently had a poll for Billy Eppler, and guess what? We like Billy Eppler! So now I figured it’s time to do one for Arte Moreno, to see how deep our love (or hate) runs for the billboard magnate from Arizona.

So, let’s hear it folks. Are you down with Arte Moreno in the year 2016?