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Shane Robinson and Cory Rasmus clear waivers, Rasmus elects free agency

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Los Angeles Angels Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

A little offseason housecleaning went down this past 24 hours, of course it’s nothing of the Earth-shattering variety. Unless, for some weird reason, you’re a huge Shane Robinson and/or Cory Rasmus fan. First up, both of those guys were DFA’d recently, but both cleared waivers and would remain in the Angels system:

Cut to today, and we have some more movement on that bullpen depth front, in the form of Rasmus hitting free agency:

No word from Shane Robinson, so for now, he’s a Bee. Rasmus, meanwhile, will see if he can find a greener pasture. The reliever was with the Angels system for four years, with the bulk of his work coming in 2014, when he posted a 2.57 ERA in 56 innings pitched, and was a decent cog in the Angels’ middle-relief machine.

With GM Billy Eppler still loading up on arms, it’s easy to see why Rasmus might find it’s time to see what else is out there, but his recent injury problems that have kept him off the field for big chunks at a time could limit his options.

Shane Robinson, meanwhile, will probably serve as AAA OF depth, and with this team’s LF problems and letdowns, who knows? He could be in their lineup at virtually any point of 2017 and I wouldn’t be surprised.