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Halos Heaven offseason plans thread

MLB: General Managers Meetings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports


It’s me, your boy Josh May(heminthe)hood. I happened to be sitting here in my home, on my cheap, painfully uncomfortable couch, partially paying attention to DVR’d California’s Gold and partially scanning baseball Twitter for any interesting news, and then I thought about you guys. Yes, YOU!

It’s been a couple weeks since the season ended, when the Cubs finally won that World Series they’re always clamoring about, and we’re mid-way through November and the ever exciting MLB offseason. So as I was saying, I’m on my couch, and as I found myself kind of missing the Angels on my television, I thought of offseason plans. Your offseason plans, my offseason plans and the team’s offseason plans.

I want to know what you’ll be up to over the next few months; I want to catch up on what you’re working on, what tasks you’re undertaking, how you’re handling the offseason so far, and whatever else you’ve got for me.

Me? Well, there’s this Halos Heaven thing that keeps me busy, although there’s been some dog days already, content-wise. We’ve had slow Halos news days, and then on top of that, Billy Eppler also took care of LF just a couple days after the last World Series out. That killed...oh, I don’t know...about a half dozen article ideas. Darn you, EPPLER!!!

Still, I will spend my offseason coming up with some good articles for you guys to read, along with our fearless crew. Stirrups will always deliver amazing morning links, the day’s place to hangout and shoot the breeze; there’s Jessica’s unflinchingly honest, often snarky, and always smart baseball takes and regular series; and then we have the treacherous three, Carlos, Chase and Rahul, who are constantly churning out informative and intelligent pieces that get the community buzzing.

Halos Heaven is ready for the offseason. Now, me personally...I will be going to some shows, being a degenerate fantasy football player, going to Joshua Tree as often as possible, and hopefully making some more Go Die music.

I think the Angels themselves are going to be relatively quiet. Billy Eppler seems to be gunning for cost effective and defense-minded, which isn’t really the tact that lights up a bunch of headlines and eats a lot of column space in the daily fishwrap.

I’m fine with this, though, as I approve of Billy Eppler’s job, in general, so far. The Cameron Maybin pickup is nice, the Andrew Bailey signing is good, and one year of Jesse Chavez is fine by me. They’ll probably go get a 2B, but prepare for someone like Sean Rodriguez; completely agreeable, competent, but nothing that is going to turn heads.

But enough of our plans or the Angels’ plans. What do you have on deck this offseason? I want to hear about it, and if you’ve already done some fun or interesting stuff, then gimme that, too. Projects? Offseason goals? Or maybe any offseason ideas for Halos Heaven that you’d like to see? I want to hear about it.

Gimme them deets, dudes.