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Mike ‘GOAT’ Trout wins second MVP

Not even the BBWAA could screw this up...heh

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The amazing has happened, Angels fans! Mike Trout has won his second AL MVP award thanks to receiving 19 out of 30 first place votes, with only 8 votes for second place, 1 for third, 1 for fifth, and 1 for seventh (and to those voters with him at the bottom of the spectrum, that makes typing this all that much better).

This MVP award seems particuarly special. Sure, the 2014 MVP was nice, but that one felt destined since the Angels actually ended up in the playoffs that year. I don’t think anybody, myself included, could have imagined the BBWAA giving Trout the nod for his second award with Betts breathing down his neck and Altuve/Donaldson/Ortiz on the peripheral, but then again, even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

Trout made a smaller splash last week winning his fifth straight Silver Sluggger Award, but this one breaths some fresh air into the seemingly lifeless Angels fans that had given up on the award, this bucks the trend, and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

So rejoice Angels fans, we still have no idea what product will take the field in Tempe, Arizona next spring, and we haven’t been exactly accustomed to winning in recent years, but this victory alone almost glosses over all of that. It reignites the love for the greatest player on the planet, it helps us really appreciate (if there was any doubt) Mike Trout for what he is, and most importantly, it gives Trout the recognition he finally deserves after getting snuffed out in recent years. Nothing but love and good vibes in the ‘Land of the Halos’ tonight. Congratulations, Mike Trout. You make being an Angels fan fun.