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Those guys who picked Mike Trout 5th and 7th for MVP? The Internet trounced on them

Internet justice can be swift and sweet

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the world assumed Mookie Betts would win the AL MVP since he was on a "winning" team.  But the BBWAA decided this year that being the best player doesn’t mean you have to be on the best team (duh!).  However, not at is good in the baseball writing world since two guys decided Mike Trout warranted a 5th and 7th place vote.  At least they didn’t leave him off the ballot??

Those two guys were Sean McAdam who covers the Red Sox for Comcast Sports Net and CSNNE - and John Hickey who covers the A’s for East Bay Times and Mercury News.  McAdam had Trout in 5th place and Hickey had him in 7th place.  Really?  Well the Internet was surprised too and I’ve gathered together some of the best Tweets

@ Sean McAdam

And the winner of the best tweet to Sean McAdam goes to:

@ John Hickey

The Twitterverse was much less kind to John Hickey and I could not even post all the tweets here (lots and lots of them and many were too nasty). Of course this is the guy that not only voted Mike Trout 7th, but Adrian Beltre in the #1 spot. Clearly he doesn't understand baseball.  The sad thing, is this guy has been writing about baseball for a long time and way back in 1996 he may have even cost Alex Rodriguez an MVP award by voting him 7th.  Granted, it's A-Rod so I'll cut him some slack on that one.

And perhaps the best tweet:

Yes these two guys actually get paid to write about baseball and they have been doing it a long time.  McAdam's ballot is almost excusable if look at his other picks, but still quite questionable to not at least have Trout in the top 3.  But Dickey is just plain out of touch and makes you wonder how he keeps his job OR his voting privileges.