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Cam Bedrosian’s controversial remarks about In-N-Out Burger creates rift in Angels’ pitching staff

MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Media Day Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The last week or two has been pretty quiet on the Angels front, with just a few low key signings here and there, but Cam Bedrosian has changed all of that. With a simple tweet yesterday, he ignited a war...not only among Angels fans, but the Angels pitching staff, as well.

Here are Cam’s incendiary remarks:

Whoa!!! Shots fired. Cam Bedrosian flat out declared war on a large swath of the burger-loving, so cal masses, but he also hit way closer to home than he probably expected, given the reaction from teammates Garrett Richards and Tyler Skaggs:

Remember this moment. We can now surmise that Richards and Skaggs are truly the voices of reason on the Halos’ pitching staff.

This year has been tough on America, and just when you thought we couldn’t be more opposed to one another, something like this comes along and furthers the cultural divide.

Come to the light, Cam. Come to the light.