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I missed Game 7 of the World Series (and had a miserable time doing it)

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I’ll admit it. I’m the guy who didn’t watch Game 7 of this year’s World Series. By all accounts this is likely to be one of the greatest baseball games of my lifetime, if not the greatest. And I missed it.

Well, all but the very last out.

This is not the first major sporting moment I’ve missed. I missed the Buster Douglas upset of Mike Tyson and I’m the biggest boxing fan most of you know. So, my two favorite past times and I’ve managed to Charlie Brown it on both of their biggest moments.

I’m writing this post to tell the story once and take the largest of what I expect to be several deserved lumps from my Halos Heaven family. So here’s the story….

On October 29th 2016, I married an amazing woman whom I love dearly. The day and weekend could not have gone better and I see why so many people call their wedding day the happiest day of their lives. It is mine. And second place is a ways back there.

After a wedding, you take a honeymoon and we headed to Kauai that Monday between games 5 and 6. Fresh off the plane and sitting at the concierge desk, I was sold on the illusion of a 65 foot catamaran trip to a secluded beach with a nice sail back into harbor, complete with food and a glorious sunset.

Departure time: when Game 7 would start.

Figuring I had seen Game 7’s before but would likely only be in Kauai once, I booked the trip. I was also hoping Cleveland would win so I knew this would make Game 6 all the more exciting.

Well, Game 7 rolled around at 2 PM local time as I headed for the boat. Like a smart guy, I had eaten some wings and Kahlua pork figuring it would be a few hours until the boat fed us. At this point many of you can see where this is going.

For all the safety instructions the crew gave, a warning about a winter swell was not among them.

About an hour into the trip multiple people were seasick including my wife and me. I could feel my phone buzzing as my head was over a rail depositing the above mentioned wings to the Pacific Ocean.

Mercifully, we finally made it back to harbor. In no condition to drive, I walked to a bar to see the score of the game. As the screen came back from commercial, I saw the final out.

So, while I’m not a Cubs fan, I’ll never forget where I was (or how I felt) when they finally won the Series.

(ed. note: First off, CONGRATS JEFF!!!! Second, this is a fun time to regale each other with our best stories of missing out on historic sporting events. Or just events in general, really. I loved Jeff’s honeymoon story and I want to hear some more from you party people. - Josh)