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Kenneth Anger: The most avant-garde Angels fan of them all

Eric Minh Swenson

Legendary filmmaker and author Kenneth Anger may flirt with the devil and other themes of the occult in a lot of his work, but he's also apparently a fan of the more heavenly side of things in humanity's eternal war between Light and Dark, too. Well, at least when it comes to choosing his favorite baseball team, that is. On Saturday, the 88 year old Anger gave a talk at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair wearing a bright red sweater with blue collared shirt underneath, some old, faded blue jeans AND A CALIFORNIA ANGELS HAT?!?!

Kenneth Anger speaks at ALAC today wearing an Angels hat. #emstake1artseries #kennethanger #anaheimangels #alac @alacontemporary

A photo posted by Eric Minh Swenson (@ericminhswenson) on

Yes, the experimental short film maestro, explorer of the occult and purveyor of offbeat celebrity worship seems to be into the Angels, going off of this pic. And that is AMAZING. This is the most excited I've gotten about a famous person wearing Angels gear since I saw a video of a Tom Verlaine acoustic set in which he's wearing a late 70's era Angels cap (video has since been deleted off the interwebz, sadly).

Is it just a case of him needing a hat to match his outfit, maybe he thinks the hat just looks cool, or is he a real deal Halos fan? That hat looks like it's far from new, so I like to think it's seen many days and nights of Anger slamming it down on the hardwood floors of his abode, after seeing the Angels blow a lead late in the game or hearing a radio broadcast about a free agent signing they missed out on, all while he was in the middle of poring over old Aleister Crowley journal writings. Plus, he's from these parts originally, so maybe he's been into the Angels from a young age? Yes, let's go with that.

Possible future projects for Mr. Kenneth Anger, based on this startling fandom revelation:

Anaheim Bablyon-an expose book detailing the gossip surrounding the 2010-present day Angels, including dubious stories about Taylor Featherston having an affair with the Rally Monkey, and entries purported to be straight from Mike Scioscia's journal, in which Scioscia details the time Arte Moreno gave him a fancy gift basket for Christmas, but had already taken out the chocolate covered Oreos for himself.

Carpino Rising-experimental short film with many allusions to various symbols that are meant to portray Buttercups, and cameos from Tony Reagins and Billy Eppler, who each play a forest nymph and Odin Allfather, respectively. The guitar player from Train composes the soundtrack.