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Angels' 2016 promotional schedule includes mucho Mike Trout & selfie stick record

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The moment you've all been waiting for his here. If you're an Angels season seat holder, you've probably been emailed this 2016 promotion schedule from the team, but if you're not and you still want to dig into all the fun events and baubles to be had this year, we've got you covered. (Special thanks to Halos Heaven reader BrownLunchSack for sending this along to me..I love it when our readers come through in the clutch)

4/2 Sat 6:05 PM Dodgers Saturday Night Spectacular

4/4 Mon 7:05 PM Cubs Wall Calendar

4/5 Tue 7:05 PM Cubs Wall Calendar

4/7 Thu 7:05 PM Rangers Trout and Pujols Home Run Bobblehead

4/8 Fri 7:05 PM Rangers Angels Plaid Blanket

4/9 Sat 6:05 PM Rangers Saturday Night Spectacular

4/22 Fri 7:05 PM Mariners Double Logo Baseball Cap

4/23 Sat 6:05 PM Mariners Saturday Night Spectacular

4/26 Tue 7:05 PM Royals MLB Network tote Bag

5/6 Fri 7:05 PM Rays Selfie Stick World Record>

Fiesta Angels* (2-6pm)

Saturday Night Spectacular

5/8 Sun 12:35PM Rays Mother's Day Beach Tote^

5/20 Fri 7:05 PM Orioles Trout Wall Catch Figurine

5/21 Sat 7:05 PM Orioles Saturday Night Spectacular

5/27 Fri 7:05 PM Astros Angels BBQ Apron

5/28 Sat 7:05 PM Astros Saturday Night Spectacular

5/29 Sun 12:35PM Astros

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

5/30 Mon 6:05 PM Tigers Memorial Day Fireworks

5/31 Tue 7:05 PM Tigers Weathered Style Baseball Cap

6/10 Fri 7:05 PM Indians Cooler Bag

6/11 Sat 7:05 PM Indians Saturday Night Spectacular

6/12 Sun 12:35PM Indians

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

6/15 Wed 7:05 PM Twins Canvas Beach Backpack

6/24 Fri 7:05 PM Athletics Ugly Sweater Baseball Cap

6/25 Sat 7:05 PM Athletics Saturday Night Spectacular

6/26 Sun 12:35PM Athletics

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

6/28 Tue 7:05 PM Astros Straw & Mesh Baseball Cap

6/29 Wed 12:35PM Astros Kids Camp Halo Day

7/15 Fri 7:05 PM White Sox 70s Groovy Rally Monkey

7/16 Sat 6:05 PM White Sox Saturday Night Spectacular

7/17 Sun 12:35PM White Sox

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

7/20 Wed 7:05 PM Rangers Pocket T-Shirt

7/30 Sat 6:05 PM Red Sox Saturday Night Spectacular

7/31 Sun 12:35PM Red Sox

Umbrella Hat

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

8/2 Tue 7:05 PM Athletics Angels Soccer Scarf

8/15 Mon 7:05 PM Mariners Panama Golf Hat

8/18 Thu 7:05 PM Mariners Hello Kitty Plush

8/20 Sat 6:05 PM Yankees Saturday Night Spectacular

8/21 Sun TBD Yankees

Summer Sunday

Kids Run the Bases**

8/29 Mon 7:05 PM Reds

9/9 Fri 7:05 PM Texas

9/10 Sat 6:05 PM Texas Saturday Night Spectacular

9/11 Sun TBD Texas Patriotic Camo Baseball Cap

9/14 Wed 7:05 PM Mariners

9/15 Thu 7:05 PM Blue Jays

9/16 Fri 7:05 PM Blue Jays Mickey Miniature-Statue

9/17 Sat 6:05 PM Blue Jays Saturday Night Spectacular

9/18 Sun 12:35PM Blue Jays Salute To Kids Day

10/1 Sat 6:05 PM Astros Saturday Night Spectacular

10/2 Sun 12:35PM Astros Fan Appreciation/2016 Team Photo

Okay, so it's a lot of the usual suspects, here: Dad-style hats that you'd never be caught dead wearing in public, tote bags, firework nights, kids run the bases events, etc. But then there's the stuff we all crave and head to the ballpark to receive: Mike Trout figurines/bobbleheads.

There will be a figurine memorializing Mike Trout's insane catch against the Mariners last year.

Then there's a boblehead featuring both Mike Trout AND Albert Pujols.

Of course, there's also stuff like a 70's Rally Monkey, which sounds sorta fun, and an "ugly sweater cap" which...well, I'm not sure what that'll look like. Could be fun, could be too Dad-style. We'll have to wait and see.

One thing I DO know, is that if you're the type that laments our social media age and the ubiquitous selfie shot that has pervaded our culture, then you will want to stay far, far away from The Big A on May 6th, 2016. That is the night that Angels stadium gets it's frenzied patrons to go for the Guiness Book of World Records for Selfie Stick usage. Thousands and thousands of people, taking selfies at the same time...what a time to be alive.

Here's the full list of 2016 promotions for your Los Angeles Angels. Go team.