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C.J. Wilson getting his BAC Mono supercar refueled at Chevron like a boss

Before heading out to Spring Training, some players like to spend time with their kids, or maybe have one last meal on their back porch in Arkansas, before heading out to Arizona for the start of the long, grueling baseball season. It's understandable, as it may be the last good stretch of time that isn't committed 100% to baseball pursuits. C.J. Wilson does things a little different. He spent his last night as a free man driving his insane, spaceship-looking supercar(a BAC Mono) from Willow Springs, CA back home to Malibu. Never stop being you, C.J.

The best part? When he needed to refuel, he had his posse waiting for him at a Chevron, ready to jump into action like a real deal race team.

First of all, are we sure that's even a car? I'm pretty sure it's a working prop from the Wachowski's insane Speed Racer adaptation. Actually, wait...I just looked it up and yes, it is indeed a car that's actually street legal. No, it's not from the future. Seriously, look at this thing.

Okay, CJ. You've had your fun driving around your spaceship. Now it's time to head to Arizona. (Word on the street is that he drove a diesel truck to AZ, not the BAC Mono. Not sure if I should be relieved or let down.)