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Halos Heaven Fanpost contest

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

To celebrate Spring Training getting underway today, I figured we have a little fun with Fanposts. Here's the deal: I'll give a subject or prompt, and you guys hit those Fanposts hard; make them good, smart, well-edited, 300+ words and they'll get on the front page of Halos Heaven. BUT...when all is said and done, we're going to use the Rec system to find the BEST one, and that writer will win a brand new Angels 59/50 cap, courtesy of your pal Mayhem. Sound fun? Good.

So, here's the prompt:

What is your favorite moment you've ever had at The Big A?

Sounds simple enough, right? Now we'll see what you crazy and/or talented people can come up with. If for some reason you've never been to The Big A, then you can use your favorite moment of seeing the Angels live, in another stadium or in Spring Training, but otherwise we'll keep things to Big A stories. We'll run this contest between now and next Friday(2/26), and at that time, I'll make another post where I'll post a comment for every Fanpost submission, and you can then Rec the one you liked the best. Use your recs wisely, at that point.

Now get to it, and Happy Spring Training. If you have any questions, hit me up via email or in another thread. Comments on this are closed because I want you to save it all for your Fanposts. Have fun!