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My favorite Angels bullpen question mark is Victor Alcantara

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If Spring Training is a beloved tradition, then surely there are smaller, more distinctly defined mini traditions. The perennial positional question marks a fan sees on their team, be it in the bullpen, starting rotation  or INF/OF is surely one of the more fun, or sometimes hideous, mini traditions. By "question mark", it's guys that could make a difference on this team, soon or later in the year, and/or surprise everyone with a roster spot. These days, as i'm sure you've read/heard, there are plenty of question marks in pretty much every category of personnel. Oh.

Today i'm going to focus on the bullpen, or to be exact, my favorite bullpen question mark: Victor Alcantara.

Alcantara (6'2, 190 lbs, Dominican Republic) is only 22 years old, and while he probably possesses the best fast ball in the Angels' entire farm system, he's also adept in a good change and slider, as noted here by our own Rghan. That article mentions the crux of the issue in 2014, and that persisted through 2015: lack of reliability.

The power is there, with a high 90s fastball that can intimidate, along with his other tricks in his bag, but he'll need to put together some consistancy to get a bigger shot one of these days. Of course, that line of thinking may still be from when his path to MLB was that of a starting rotation piecec, and ignoring his current value right now, which is that of a one inning dominator. Now that makes sense when seeing what this kid can do, and hopefully this Spring he can get some reps in with the Angels new coaches Charles Nagy and Scott Radinsky.

The kid still has much to prove within the minor league system, but when the bullpen is currently an aging Huston Street, Joe Smith and sketchy Fernando Salas, and when the other options include Al Alburquerque and Cam Bedrosian, you have to take a look at everybody. Doors could be opening for this young fire baller, and while there are unknowns are aplenty in the bullpen, I will be most curious to see what Victor Alcantara can do.

Who/what is your favorite question mark in the bullpen? The one thing you're curious to see with the current group of guys/coaches this season?