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The "Favorite Big A Moment" Fanpost contest voting thread

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Alright ladies and germs, last week I put out the call to give me your best "Favorite Big A Moment" Fanpost and you delievered. Now it's time to get down to brass tacks, though, and vote for which one shall be declared champion. Here's how this will work(hopefully):

I'm going to post each entry as a comment below, and you will Rec the comment that corresponds to the Fanpost you liked the most. Now, you COULD technically vote for more than one. But just vote for the one you like the best. I'm going to close it off at 5pm, and whichever comment has the most Recs, they are the winner.

What do they win? They will win an Angels hat, of their choosing(as long as it's not autographed or gold plated or something...keep it to a typical 59/50 New Era type hat, bros), courtesy of Halos Heaven. Fun, huh? Now, just in case some weird stuff happens in the voting or anything other wonky things pop up, I reserve the right to change things on the, if there's a tie, then we'll just keep voting until we have a winner. But there WILL be a winner.

I want to extend a HUGE thanks to you guys that submitted Fanposts. I wholeheartedly enjoyed reading all of them and sharing them on FB and Twitter. Did you enter and not win today? Or maybe you didn't enter at all but want to join in on the contest fun the next time? Well, just sit tight, because i'll be doing another one very soon...although it will require a very different set of skills(said in Liam Neeson's voice), but should end up being hilarious.

Alright...let's crown a winner, shall we?