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The 10 best photos from Angels media day

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Spring Training has arrived, and with it come some obligations. Some of these obligations deal with actual baseball stuff, like working out and getting into playing shape, or some have to do with getting you all set up with your sponsor or video game commitments. Another obligation is team media day, which entails getting all those lineup and program pics, Jumbotron skits and other marketing tools out of the way before the season starts. When you go to a game and in between innings you see that Mike Trout has never heard of Nirvana...that's from the Angels' media day in Spring Training. Fun stuff!

The Angels had their media day this week, and with it comes a slew of new Angels photos in our image tool. It's a blast to look through, seeing familiar faces that may have changed in the off-season, seeing new players in their new uniforms, or just poking fun at the awkward jock smiles. I picked out my ten favorite Angels pics from media day, and thought I'd share them with you, in no particular order.

C.J. Wilson

"What's that ball? You want me to nibble? Okay, ball."  Also, I hate your glove, bro.

Hector Santiago

Hector is in full on Kanye-attacking-the-paparazzi mode here, and I can dig it.

Huston Street

Huston looks very confused about something. Serious, and confused. Sounds about right.

Jefry Marte

Marte is SO pissed off right now, guys. He doesn't have time for this picture takin' crap.

Andrelton Simmons

This one is cool simply because it's Andrelton Simmons in an Angels uniform. Makes me excited. Look at that death stare. He's probably imagining robbing someone of a base hit right there.

Matt Shoemaker

The beard is stronger than ever, ladies and gentlemen.

Yunel Escobar

Mike Trout no longer has the thickest neck on the team. In fact, his neck can't even compare to this neck. Also, good thing you have that minuscule patch of hair on your chin, bro. Totally serves a purpose and is 100% necessary.

Victor Alcantara

Alcantara wins the award for Flattest Brim. Nobody else came close.

Johnny Giavotella

Johnny is sporting some new facial hair designs this Spring. Or maybe he's trying to tell us that this is Evil Johnny Giavotella.

Roberto Baldoquin

Here's the Angels expensive, young Cuban, apparently in the middle of making a fart noise with his mouth. Scott Boras taught him that one.

Okay, that's ten, but how about one more for good measure?