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New York Mets have the answer to the Angels' left field hole?

The Mets have an abundance of outfielders in their camp, making Alejandro De Aza expendable

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Angels making their first on-field appearance for the 2016 season, the club still insists they are going to put a platoon of Daniel Nava and Craig Gentry in left field although there are other options available to the club.

One option they might explore would be acquiring speedy Alejandro De Aza from the New York Mets.  According to Mike Puma of the NY Post, there doesn't seem to be any interest from other clubs, or from the Mets in moving the outfielder:

This may be one of those circumstances where those of us on the outside with other access to the numbers don't get the entire story on De Aza's talent.  Although De Aza has topped .700 OPS every season since 2010, and has gotten on-base at a .331 clip throughout his 8-year career, the left-handed hitter has played for 5 different teams, including three in 2015.  This could be a situation where the player's "chemistry" has a greater impact on his team rather than what he does on the field.

None the less, De Aza appears to be an upgrade over the proposed platoon the club plans on putting on the field in 2016.  Both Nava (33) and Gentry (32) are older than De Aza (31), while neither have the speed De Aza could bring to the top of the Angels batting order.  Yet, that upgrade would come with a cost -- specifically more cost, as his 2016 contact calls for a salary of $5.75M, more than doulbe the combined salaries of Nava-Gentry.