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Cactus League overreactions: Angels lose first Spring game to Giants 4-1

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

Well, game one of 2016 Spring Training is in the books. Most of the big names didn't even make the trip to Scottsdale, like Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Andrelton Simmons. But there was still an actual baseball game played, and since it's Spring Training, there's no better time to overreact to things and blow them way out of proportion!  The Angels took on the Giants and lost 4-1, but more than anything, we have overreactions and over-analyzing aplenty. Let's get to it.

1. Hector Santiago is still an All Star: Santiago got the start, and pitched two scoreless and gave up one hit in the process. Are you a superstitious person? Because Hector kinda is, and he said that his first pitch last year in camp was as strike, and sure enough, his first pitch this year was a strike. Hector is now primed to be an All Star for the second year in row, right?!?

2. Matt Shoemaker, K Machine: Shoemaker pitched two innings as well, and in that short time had 3 STRIKEOUTS. He will probably lead the team in Ks, but he also gave up a homer to the Giant's Conor Gillaspie, so 2016 will be feast or famine for The Cobbler. Of course, Gillaspie had the "old team" narrative going, and that mojo is tough to compete against.

3. Greg Mahle hates batters: Mahle looked pretty good out there for a young fella, and with his various delivery points throwing off the mound, he could prove to be a useful tool in the bullpen, perhaps.

Also there was this about Mahle, from Taylor Blake Ward:

He hates opposing batters. Hey, ME TOO!!! Finally, a pitcher that hates guys on the other team as much as me. Mahle has already won me over.

4. Cam Bedrosian is who we thought he is/was: It's only game one, but man...this is vintage Cam Bedrosian already. Cam got the loss for the day, giving up four hits and three earned runs in just one inning of work. He obviously didn't hate the batters enough; needs 100% more hatred and MAYBE i'll rally behind him, but for now the dude scares me.

5. Carlos Perez for MVP: The catcher, primed for a breakout year, went 1-3 including an RBI double that would prove to be the Angels sole run for the day. Good defense behind the plate, per usual, and some sweet swings at the plate has my Perez crush in full effect.

6. I want to be a member of Ji Unit: Ji-Man Choi got a hit today! Who's Ji-Man Choi?! He's the guy the Angels got in the Rule 5 draft back in December. He can play first, but could also contend for an outfield spot. He's a big, brawny dude and i'd love to see more Ji Unit out there, making his presence known and fighting for a spot on the final roster.

Well, what'd you think? This year is just getting started, lots of Cactus League games to be played, I know, but what are your main overreactions or irrational takeaways from today's loss to the Giants?