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2016 Los Angeles Angels - The Movie

The 2016 Los Angeles Angels. Those scrappy underdogs who came from nowhere to win the coveted World Series! Coming to a theater near you -- Christmas 2017

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It could happen.  A Cinderella story, outta nowhere, a potential 4th place team overcoming all the odds to wind up on top of the baseball mountain.  So what happens if the Angels win the Series?

They'll make a movie!

And when Aaron Sorkin gets his typewriter on this story, Adam McKay will jump into the project to direct, resulting in the "feel-good movie of the year".  Once the screenplay is written, and the director is hired, the next step is casting.  Who's going to play this misfit bunch?  Well, how about this...

  • Arte Moreno - The Owner

    The meddling owner with a heart of gold.  At some point in the season, the tightfisted billionaire will release his hold on the team's finances and pay for the operation left fielder and starting pitcher the team desperately needs.  Who can go from a hardass to loveable within just an hour?

    Tom Selleck
  • Mike Scioscia - The Manager

    The stubborn manager with a heart of gold.  Finally realizes he can no longer use his gut to win games and becomes the enlightened leader of the ballclub.  When Scioscia hits the screen he'll be played by: 

    John Goodman

  • Jered Weaver - The Aging Veteran

    The wily veteran who overcomes age to take the mound when the team needs a win.  His last season of glory.  Who will portray the once young pitcher, turned aging vet?

    Eric Christian Olsen

  • Mike Trout - The Superstar

    He just keeps getting better, but in 2016 he puts the team on his shoulders and takes them to baseball's pinnacle.  Wearing the Halos #27 on the big screen will be:

    James Vander Beek

  • Albert Pujols - The Leader

    The once-great leader who finally lives up to past accomplishments and present expectations to be the on-field leader of this ragtag group.  How about (in strange bit of casting):

    Artie Lange

  • Jerry Dipoto - The Villain

    Once the leader of the Angels, but now has gone over to the dark side representing pure evil.  Will stop at nothing to take down the dreams of the Angels.  Can he be stopped?  Can he be portrayed on-screen?  Yes, by:

    Jim Carrey