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Angels set to kickoff Freeway Series against MLB laughing stock Dodgers

Almost as quickly as it came up on us Angels fans, Spring Training is now gone, and it's just about time to see if this year's model of Halos Baseball Machine, put together by Eppler and Arte, is ready for the rubber to meet the road. Winter is behind us, Spring is here, are you ready for this or what?! First up is the Cubs, one of the pretenders to the NL crown last season, but before we get to all that Opening Day hoopla, the Angels first have to have their annual exhibition Freeway Series against the Dodgers.

Here's what we can expect to see on the field tonight from our soon-to-be-World-Champion Angels as they take on the Brooklyn Transplants:

You'll note Shane Robinson is in the outfield tonight, and there's no Mike Trout, either. Robinson, who was dropped by the Indians, was signed to a minor league deal this morning and should provide some depth in the minors, in the event of an injury. Trout, meanwhile, is just sick with the flu...nothing to worry about there.

Now, here's the Dodgers lineup:

They probably have some other guys on their team, but who cares? Most experts have picked them to finish their division, MLB, life, universe. I think they have a pitcher with a beard, or something? Even Dodgers fans aren't sure who is on their team at this point, so let's just focus on the Angels.

The Angels are the best, and it's a travesty that they have to waste the calories on playing such a pitiful excuse for a ballclub, but whatever. It's a trAdition. The worst part is they actually have to trudge their way up the 5 freeway and play in the abandoned asbestos factory that some refer to as Dodger Stadium. Let's be sure to tune in tonight and support our guys through this tough time. Go Halos!