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Cactus League overreactions: "Go! Cubs! Go!" is an unspeakable aural terror

Rob Tringali/Getty Images

I don't have much to overreact to today, at least in terms of what happened on the field. Here's all I got for now:

1. Jered Weaver doesn't throw hard: Ok, so that is an UNDERreaction. Weaver was topping out around 83mph today, and he's got about as much gas as you'd expect him to these days. Still, he pitched two scoreless innings. He also managed to throw pitches in the 65mph range, which was funny. Buckle up, though...we have another season of watching Jered Weaver trying to win games with some of that "nasty" 79mph stuff. I will watch his starts through my hands, which will be trying to cover my eyes.

2. Top 3 of the order is the best in the business: Yunel Escobar, Kole Calhoun and Mike Trout are all having good ABs and starting Spring off looking like a formidable top of the order. PLEASE STAY THIS WAY THE ENTIRE SEASON.

3. Scott Boras supplied Roberto Baldoquin with some sort of magic pixie dust: It's only three games, but Baldy has not only gotten plenty playing time already, but he's looked pretty good! He's still young as hell, and appears to be settling nicely into the states nowadays, thanks to his new agent Scott Boras(and new Cuban compadre Jose Fernandez), and I hope he can keep it going and end up having a nice year in the minors. Forget that the Angels over-spent and be happy that they might actually get something out of it, if he continues to improve this way. That's 100% better outlook than we had 6-9 months ago.

Other than that stuff, it was a fairly ho-hum game, with reliever Jose Alvarez getting the loss and the Cubs took the Opening Day preview game by a score of 3-0. Then....IT HAPPENED:

OMG guys, have you ever heard that abomination before?!?! I caught the end of the game on TV, and heard the fans in attendance(and the place was packed) singing "go Cubs go" in unison. I started laughing out loud, thinking "what the hell is this crap they're singing?!" and I immediately looked it up. I don't think I've cringed that hard in a long time(well, until a Twitter follower showed me this video like five minutes later). I also couldn't believe I'd never heard it before. I guess there's a first time for everything, including "first time I ever heard a team-related song that made me so embarrassed FOR them that I wanted to crawl out of my own skin".

It's almost commendable how bad it is, mainly because it's so earnest. I could write a similarly bad Angels song write now if I had to, but it'd be winking at the fans the whole time, totally in on the joke.This was written by a dude who was all "Yeah man, this song is TOTALLY NOT terrible, yay Cubs!", and nobody around him had the heart to tell him that it was the equivalent of applying dog shit into your ear drums while having an arthritic blind person give you an ice pick lobotomy.

I love Joe Maddon, and I was actually pulling for him a bit in the playoffs last year, but I can say now with all my heart that it's a good thing his team lost last year. This song is bad and the team attached to it should forever be paying for it's sins. Even more inexplicably, the dude that wrote "Go! Cubs! Go!" also wrote "City of New Orleans", made famous by Arlo Guthrie. Now THAT is a good song. I don't know what happened between writing that gem and writing this corny, dad-rock paean to a historically horrible baseball team.

I say this all as a guy that's struggled with my own favorite team's decision to blare an incongruous and ironic ditty through our brains every seventh inning...but i'd rather hear "Buttercup" a thousand times in a row than hear the musical kick in the nuts that is "Go! Cubs! Go!".