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Mike Trout is the greatest helmet butler MLB has ever seen

So you're an Angels player, and you've just scored an important run. Don't worry about taking your helmet off in the dugout...Mike Trout, greatest helmet butler of all time, has you covered.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout is one of, if not THE, best ballplayers currently in MLB right now. There is no denying that claim. There have been countless articles written about his achievements in all facets of the game; a true five-tool player who rewrites the history books every season, and whose level of talent is almost unprecedented. But what most writers and analysts seem to regularly overlook is Trout's sixth tool: his helmet butler skills.

To be a good helmet butler at the major league level, you have to keep your head on a swivel and be ready for anything; but mostly you have to just be ready to take off your teammate's helmet when they come into the dugout. Typically this is done in reverence for the play that has just gone down on the baseball field, like a home run or run scored of some sort. When that teammate crosses the plate and starts walking back to the dugout steps, you had better be at the top of your game, or that guy is going to have to take off his helmet himself.

Mike Trout isn't going to let that happen on his watch. If you just scored a big run for the Angels, then he will be there to remove your helmet, no questions asked. The player wont even know what's happening at first; they'll be so wrapped up in the moment, high-fiving every teammate in sight, and then, out of nowhere, they'll feel a weight come off their brow; the cool southern California air hitting their sweat-drenched scalp, a swarm of chills sent throughout their body. "My helmet...where did it go?" Mike Trout is where it went, bro.

Look at the face of David Freese. He barely knows what's going on. Are the teammates cheering for his on-field accomplishment, or are they cheering Trout's dutiful dedication to being the ultimate good guy, a selfless helmet butler? I guarantee you that helmet found it's way into the correct cubby hole, giving Freese extra time to soak in the memory he just created. That's all Mike Trout.

Trout can barely wait to take off Albert Pujols' helmet here. It's killing him...he wants so badly to serve him ASAP, and thus serve the greater good of the team. Bryce Harper has never wanted to take off a teammates helmet that badly, and that's one of the main reasons why Trout will always be better than Harper.

Enjoy your big hit, Albert. Don't worry about that helmet. Mike Trout has got you covered.


Mike Trout is seen here honoring the troops on Memorial Day by taking Pujols' helmet off of his head for him.

Helmet butlering at it's best right here, although Mike Scioscia tries to get in on the revelry, but ends up just looking weird. Scioscia has probably never even thought about being a helmet butler before, but i'm not sure he could even handle it. It looks easy, but that couldn't be further from the truth. It takes skill, devotion and the perfect touch. You don't just rip the helmet off your bro's have to make it seem like it's floating off, held by an unseen specter, without the slightest hint of friction.

Here's to Mike Trout, destroyer of preconceived notions of not only what we thought was possible on the baseball field, but also what we thought was possible from a helmet butler. This is how he separates himself from the Harpers and Josh Donaldsons of the world. Mike Trout has taken baseball and brought it into the 21st century, and now he'll do the same for taking your teammate's helmet off. MLB has it's first six-tool player, and his name is Mike Trout.