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Angels Prospect Watch 4/27/16 - Pitching rules

The Angels are hiding another viable starter in Salt Lake City

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We have had a full 3 weeks now to look at some of the top prospects in the Angels' farm system.  Some are setting down, others are struggling.  Who's up and who's down?

The Angels top 10 list is according to Baseball America

"HH Grade" is my very unscientific opinion on their performance so far in 2016

2016 performances of the Top 10 Prospects:

Rank Name Position Team Level Notes HH Grade
1. Taylor Ward C Inland Empire 66ers A Adv

Top prospect Ward has dropped off fast since the season started.  He's hitting .175 through his last 10 games and his calling card (low strikeouts) is off as well with 10 Ks during those 10 game s(4 of them in one game). He's hitting .213 on the season now.

2. Jahmai Jones OF AZL Angels Rok Season starts in June -
3. Nate Smith LHP Salt Lake Bees AAA

Nate Smith has been DEALING for the Bees this season.  He's only given up 1 ER in two starts at the hitter Smith's ballpark and has a 1.75 ERA overall in 2016 with 24K, 25.2IP, 5BB, and a 2-0 record.

4. Victor Alcantara RHP Arkansas Travelers AA Alcantara has been hammered since his first start.  In his past 3 (away) games, he's given up 11 ER and 9BB in 12 innings of work.  He now sports a 5.50 ERA on the season and a 1.56 WHIP. D
5. Jake Jewell RHP Inland Empire 66ers A Adv Jewell has a good start his last time out with 0ER and only 2 hits over 4 innings.  However, his previous 3 starts he racked up 27 hits through 10.2 innings, giving up 13 ER.  His stats on the year are going to take some work. 7.98ERA, .406BAA, and 2.32 WHIP. F
6. Grayson Long RHP Burlington Bees A Long has given up 3 more runs, but in the 3 starts since we last looked at him he's pitched 15 innings with 10H, 7BB, 3ER and has retained his 1.80 ERA.  On the season, opposing batters are hitting only .194 off Long. A
7. Joe Gatto RHP Burlington Bees A In Gatto's last three starts, he has pitched 14 innings and given up 24 hits and 9 walks.  Clearly some control issues for him to work out this year. D-
8. Kaleb Cowart 3B Salt Lake Bees AAA Cowart has slowed considerably from his hot start and is only hitting .216 his last 10 games.  He has a .258 AVG on the year and 18K in 18 games. C+
9. Jaime Barria RHP Burlington Bees A Barria has been pitching better since he gave up a combined 9 hits/walks in his first 3 inning start.  Since then he's only given up 11 hits and 1 walk through 15 more innings.  He has a 3.00 ERA, 9K, 2BB, 6ER and .260BAA in 18 innings of work. C+
10. Chad Hinshaw OF Arkansas Travelers AA Hinshaw's K rate has slowed down a bit, but he still has 18K in 63 AB which is a 29% clip.  He's batting .162 his last 10 games and a mere .190 on the season. F

Prospect Notes:

Taylor Ward isn't going anywhere any time soon so I'll eat my words from my last report.  The season is still early but I had hopes he'd jump off to a hot start and it's quite the opposite.  Even his walks are going down and his Ks are going up, so he has some work to do.

Nate Smith is doing a fantastic job for the first place Salt Lake Bees.  Another young pitching talent that could help the Angels in September and/or next season.  At least Dipoto helped fill the organization with pitching talent if he left the position talent a bit vacant.

Grayson Long is putting out the next best pitching performance (at least out of our top 10), and this 21 year old, 3rd round draft pick, will be fun to watch in his first full season.