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Lovelorn (and creepy) Angels fans take to Craigslist missed connections to find romance

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Halos Heaven is not just a place to find some Angels analysis or opinions or news; it is a community, first and foremost, made up of some of the most diehard Halos fans on the planet. We live and breathe Angels baseball, and we come here to rub elbows with other people who share the same fiery passion. Therefore, if we're not doing things to serve that community, then we have failed. That's why i've decided to give a larger voice to some Angels fans out there that are hurting; but they aren't hurting from the Angels on-field play or their win-loss record. They are hurting because they found love at the Big A, and in that same moment, lost it forever. Or did they!?!

There is no better online mountain from which to proclaim your unrequited love than Craigslist's missed connections section. It is where totally normal, totally upstanding citizens go to post tales of instant attraction they find out in the wild of everyday life, hoping that the person they fell in love with via some coincidental eye contact at a local bus stop will read it, email them back saying "Yeah, I remember you from the bus stop! I want you as badly as you want me, maybe more" and then they live happily ever after.

If you take a look at the Orange County missed connections page, you'll usually find a few lovelorn Angels fans who saw their destiny before their very eyes at the Big A, or somewhere else in the so cal megalopolis, and need a little help tracking down their soon-to-be Halos fan soulmate. That's where I come in. The following are the Angels fan missed connections for April, the first month of the season, and hopefully we can do our community a service by getting these romances started.


Myra at the Angel game - m4w (Anaheim)

-Met at the Angel game on Saturday night. Sorry could not talk more and get your number.

This person did the right thing by getting someone's name, but stopping short of having an actual conversation and getting a phone number. Best to play it cool, save it for Craigslist.


Sunday Angels Game Section 105 - m4w (Anaheim)

We were with other people. You are a bit older than myself. I had to abruptly leave. I wanted to talk with you more. Highly unlikely you would see this but if you do please contact me. Perhaps we can chat more about the Angels.

"We with with other people" is code for "You were with your family/friends, I was being chased by an usher." And "I had to abruptly leave" is code for "Security finally came and kicked me out". But still, contact this guy, because he wants to talk about the Angels some more.


Longshot. Blonde at Angel game sunday - m4w

You were blonde with your hair pulled back into a long braid. You had a white tank top on and were sitting on the 1st base side with 3 other girls, one of them was wearing a white Angels hat. I thought that you were very attractive. If you see this and are interested reply back.

"If you see this and are interested"...interested in what, exactly? Literally any guy in Angel Stadium? You're going to have to let the object of your missed connection know who you were, too, unless this is just some ingenious way to cast as big of a net as possible. "Dear girl at Angels were attractive. If you're interested, hit me up. Signed, guy at Angels game"...after that, the only tough part is deciding which one you want to marry.


Heather Opening Day Angels - m4w (Anaheim)

I guessed your name. You were sitting with your dad. You have been on my mind all week. You gave me your number but it wasn't correct. Maybe you mistakenly gave me the wrong number or maybe not.

This is the worst, by far. Men...don't ever do any of the things that this guy does. Guessing a strangers name? If you're off, you just seem dumb...if you get it right, then most likely it's because you've been listening in on their conversation beforehand, or you stole the woman's ID. If you think a woman is there with their dad, maybe don't decide this is a good time to talk to said woman. Also, that kind of leads me to believe the girl was younger, If the number they give isn't correct or doesn't work, then that was on purpose. This person is telling you, in a subtle way, "Please leave me alone, I don't want to show up on a milk carton any time soon, thanks".

Stop being creepy at Angels games, anonymous Missed Connections dude. Geez.


That's pretty much it for this first month of baseball in 2016. Expect more missed connections to be posted, for better or worse. In the meantime, if you're at the Big A and you need to stay in touch with some Halos fan that's caught your eye, just give them your Halos Heaven screen name and tell them they can find you on the site. Works every time.