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Angels acquire shortstop Brendan Ryan

Our middle infield problems are solved!

Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

In the wake of the Andrelton Simmons injury, Billy Eppler with bobbing for shortstops and came up with Brendan Ryan from the Nationals (for an undetermined amount of cash and the famous "player to be named later").

Ryan, 34,  was spending time in AAA this year where he was hitting .263 with a HR in 76AB.  He has stuck out 17 times which is kinda high for an Eppler pick up, but apparently is known for his "world class" defense.  I guess it's more important to Eppler that we have great defense at SS over great hitting.

He has a +99 in defensive runs saved and +11 runs per 150 games UZR.

During his 9 big league seasons, Ryan has hit .234 in 879 games.  His last two years with the Yankees (where Eppler knows him from), he had a 27-28% K rate.

Let's hope the change of scenery is good for his bat, and that his gloves makes up for any hitting deficiencies.  Good thing we don't need any offensive help huh?