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MLB trade rumors: Angels working on deal for Braves starter Jhoulys Chacin

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels made some big waves very small, minute ripples in a puddle yesterday when they traded cash/PTBNL for a stop gap SS by way of Brendan Ryan, and it looks like they're not done trying to fill some big holes with bubblegum and Spackle. It's been a rough go for the starting rotation in 2016, with Garrett Richards needing Tommy John, Andrew Heaney POSSIBLY needing Tommy John, C.J. Wilson and Tyler Skaggs still on the mend, and anybody left standing struggling just to keep their head above water on a team that barely packs any run support.

Billy Eppler has an idea, though. It's not one that will do them all that much good, but it will provide, at the very least, a starting rotation arm for the interim, until Wilson/Skaggs reinforcements arrive(but really, the way things are going in this season, I almost expect one or both of those guys to get injured after their second or third start). Here's the latest Hail Mary from the Angels' front office:

It looks like this has been corroborated with the other Angels beat writers, the only question remaining at this point is who will the Angels send away. Braves fans already seem happy to see Chacin go, and if you look at his current numbers for 2016(1-2 record, with 5.40 ERA and 1.388 WHIP) then you can see why. He has had some decent years in the past, but currently seems to be struggling...perfect fit for the Halos, if you ask me. Chacin was expected to start tonight for the Braves, but this will obviously put a halt on that, as he's on the brink of going from one dumpster fire to another.


Looks like we know who's going to the Braves. Also, not to make anybody TOO sad or anything, but Ji-Man Choi has been DFA'd to make room on the roster.