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Hector Santiago gives us a glimpse at the Angels' cryotherapy chamber

The Angels may be behind the times in some areas, but if Hector Santiago's recent Instagram post is to be believed, they are somewhat forward-thinking when it comes to sports rehab. Here he is getting some treatment and subjecting himself to temperatures in the -230 degree range:

Looks Pain? Yeah, I don't know. I've heard about this on some recent podcasts I listen to, but have never done it myself. What happens is your body is brought down to such a low temperature that it begins sending all the super-oxygenated blood to those parts that are freezing, thus helping them rehab quicker. Or something. It's really surged in popularity over the last few years, at first being big with athletes before gaining traction in the general public(by general public I mean L.A. types and fitness nuts with plenty of disposable money).

I was sort of surprised to see the Angels having one of these in their facility...but then I read one of the early proponents(as far as pro athletes goes) was our very own C.J. Wilson. Perhaps he had a hand in getting one of these things put into the clubhouse? Wouldn't surprise me, and his initial interest in this new, sorta-crazy treatment shouldn't surprise me either, as he seems to be all about "cutting edge" fitness and health trends(read: rich L.A. guy crap). Of course, while he may champion such things as cryotherapy and crossfit, neither seem to be doing their intended purpose because the guy just keeps wrecking parts of his body.

Still, I thought it was kind of cool and a nice little glimpse of what the Angels players do, in conjunction with the trainers, to get their bodies feeling a-ok.