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Rally Cat interrupted tonight's Angels game and it's probably the highlight of the season

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight during the bottom of the fourth inning, a magical thing happened; one of those amazing moments in life that you'll always tell your great grandchildren about as they stare in awe and disbelief. If there is any hope in this doomed season, then it will be that this moment will turn into a tidal wave of good vibes and mojo that the Rally Monkey once wielded in those early 2000s salad days. I'm talking about The Rally Cat.

With the score 3-3 and two men on, time was called on the field for some unknown reason...but we'd know soon enough that it was because a ferocious feline appeared on the Angels' infield grass and proceeded to run wild across the diamond to the delight of all the fans in attendance. People cheered, people gasped, applause erupted and all while this brave kitty streaked through the Big A, and right into our hearts.

Just in case there is any wondering about the power of this Rally Cat, the Angels would score a couple runs immediately after the cat was wrangled and taken to Billy Eppler's office, where he signed Rally Cat to a three year deal. The Angels had a 5-3 lead and just like that Rally Cat had applied a soothing salve to our collective Angels baseball wounds.

This comes almost exactly two years after we had our first taste of a Rally Cat, but that cat didn't do anything nearly as cool as sprinting through the actual game and stopping everyone in their tracks from pure delight; that cat just sort of chilled on the batter's eye and people took pics. Pfffft...weak. Tonight, we saw the real deal.



(the Angels would give up a bunch of runs in the next inning, and I can only assume this is because they didn't let the cat run around the stadium as it pleased, on it's own recognizance. Bad move, Angels...bad move)