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Angels are on the short list of teams for Tim Lincecum

And then there were 3: The Angels, Giants, and White Sox remain as landing options for Tim Lincecum

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The "Freak" question remains one of the greatest unanswered mysteries of the 2016 season.  Okay, maybe just for the week of May 9th.

Lincecum (aka The Freak) last pitched in a major league game on June 27th, 2015. I know, because I was there. As part of my 30 stadium tour, I was a witness on that fateful day last June  when Lincecum threw his last big league pitch.  He would later be diagnosed with an old person's disease (degenerative hips), and had surgery last September.  A surgery than some through would end his career.  Of course, it did not.

Last Friday, Lincecum held a pitching showcase (see video below) with 35-40 pro scouts in attendance, and by all accounts was looking good.

It's been reported that Lincecum's choice is down to 3 teams.

  1. Giants (With who he has spent his entire career)
  2. Angels
  3. White Sox

The decision will probably come down to 3 factors:

  1. Strength of contract
  2. Pitching role
  3. Location
What factor is the most important for The Freak?  The Giants have said they want to use him in a closer role, but he wants to start.  The White Sox and Angels would both use him as a starter.  One of those teams is contender maybe this year, the other, probably not.  Does being on a contending team matter?  How much money will he be offered?  How long of a contract?  Will the the White Sox throw 15 million over 3 years at him?  If so, then the Angels are probably out.  If Lincecum could be bought for 3 million on a 1 year contract, the Angels might be in.

Lincecum hasn't really put together a great season since 2011, but some of that could also be attributed to his hip problems, which theoretically, won't matter anymore.  At the very least, he's bound to pitcher better than Jered Weaver or Matt Shoemaker (the later of whom should probably go back to AAA for a while).  He's probably going to pitch at least as well as Jhoulys Chacin, whom the Angels just picked up.

In addition, Lincecum is a West Coast boy.  He has a place in Seattle, as well as Arizona and even lived in the famous Escola condos in Seattle for while (of 50 Shades of Gray fame).  It's quite possible he will want to stay on the West Coast which would take the White Sox out of the picture.

The Angels have a shot at Lincecum, and we could use him - assuming the asking price is not too high.