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Angels snap their losing streak against AL West-leading Mariners because of course they do

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 7   Mariners 6

The Angels are on a tough skid right now, and they came into the game having lost six games in a row. It's Debbie Downer time in Arte Moreno's kingdom and they needed something positive to happen. Anything, really...that involved actual baseball that is, and not an animal on the field(not that i'd mind another one of those events tonight and every night after). They just needed a win, really. Is that so hard to ask?

Well, that depends on what team they're playing. They had decent matchups against the Rays and the Cardinals, but were trounced by both; going into the Emerald City today, they were taking on a Mariners team that was hot and on a roll, so by all accounts, this was the game you expect them to lose. Which, in the domain of the ever present superstitious sports fan, means that of course they would win this one. That's just how the universe works, right?

Nick Tropeano took 105 pitches just to get through five innings, but he only gave up two runs, so i'll take it. On the other side of the game was C.J. Cron, doling out punishment at the plate as he's been seen doing a lot lately. He not only had a big home run in the game, but he also had the go-ahead, two-run bloop in the ninth to give the Angels the win. This guy is mashing, fingers crossed this is the true talent finally emerging and here to stay.

Also of note was recent callup 3B, Jefry Marte. This dude had two doubles today right when the Angels needed big hits from him, delivering right off the bat when the team is in dire straits. That's how you make your name known around town and across the Halosphere.

Of course, the Angels still have that issue of giving up lots of runs, so they're putting a lot of pressure on their offense. NiTro may have held the Mariners to two in his stint, but the bullpen allowed another four to get tacked on; there is so little room for mistakes from the starters, but that space is basically non-existent for the relievers. Feast or famine, basically, and we've seen a bit of both.

The Angels would eventually win 7-6, snapping that grotesque six-game losing streak, and they did it against the division leader, in their own home. This wasn't supposed to happen, but they did it. I don't know what they'll do in tomorrow's game, so it's time to just turn off my brain and enjoy this feeling while it lasts.