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Clayton Kershaw is a joke, Angels never stood a chance in 5-1 loss to Dodgers

The streak is over, but what are ya gonna do?!?!

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 1  Dodgers 5

We were promised a Weaver vs. Kershaw showdown, and that's exactly what we got. It just didn't quite go as we expected. It went better than we expected, to be honest. Yet, the Angels still lost to the Dodgers. Huh. Okay. Let me explain that one a bit, not that it'll make the rancid taste of stymied offense and broken win streak go down any easier, but it deserves to be cleared up.

We actually saw a different Jered Weaver tonight, separate and unique from the one we'd seen often in the young 2016 season, outside of his first couple starts. That's what this was...Early April Weaver, and it gave us all a glimmer of hope that the Angels could make it five in a row as they take the Freeway Series down south. He oozed confidence and guile and in 7 IP, he would only give up three runs, two of which were earned(a Joc Pederson homer, his first of two on the evening).

It was a sterling start, and we all could see an alternate reality where this would be an uplifting L.A. win. But in all of those various pathways our imaginations could conjure up a win in tonight's tussle, they share one common caveat: CLAYTON KERSHAW ISN'T ON THE MOUND.

Weaver was a a crisp, Early April Weaver. Meanwhile, Kershaw was same old dominant-in-an-insane-way, regular season Kershaw. He pitched 8 innings, giving up just four hits to the Halos, 11 strikeouts and one run, via Shane Robinson single.We were lucky to get even that. Sure, the Angels bullpen came in and let them pile a few more runs on, but it didn't matter. Clayton Kershaw was Clayton Kershaw tonight, the Angels could have been literally any team.

A final of 5-1 when all is said and done, and you have to respect the brave stab at victory they took, against all odds. Again, they had one run and the way Kershaw was looking in Chavez Ravine tonight, that should count as at least 3, maybe 4. But Weaver and the guys gave it their best, as futile as it seemed. Hats off to them, as apparently there are some beasts that even the Rally Cat can't slay.

They don't have to stare down that monster tomorrow, though.