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Geovany Soto hits the DL, Jett Bandy makes his way to the Big A

The hits just keep on coming...and I mean the injury hits, not, like, actual baseball game hits.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Geovany Soto has had a pretty good season so far, wouldn't you say? He's currently hitting .283 with a wOBA of .335 and a wRC of 132. That's not bad, not bad at all for a random pickup from new GM Billy Eppler. He's currently outshining my breakout season pick, Carlos Perez, and proving to be quite the feather in Eppler's cap.

Well, he WAS, at least. Word just broke that Soto is going to the DL, and it's not just for a couple weeks. Turns out, he's got a torn meniscus and will be put on the shelf for 4-6 weeks, giving the Angels yet another slap to the face and another sign from the Injury Gods that 2016 may be doomed. Here's the official word, as reported by friend of Halos Heaven, Taylor Blake Ward(the writer, not the 2015 first round draft pick, you guys):

Can you believe the luck this team is having? Or rather, NOT having? Has a Halos team ever been this snakebit in recent memory? For those counting at home, you have C.J. Wilson and Tyler Skaggs, still battling back from their injuries, then there's Garrett Richards, Andrew Heaney and Cory Rasmus on the DL, as well. Not to mention star SS and my new favorite player, Andrelton Simmons, and even closer Huston Street has been out of commission. Oh, and a couple left fielders, too(Nava and Gentry). Add the Angels best catcher at the moment to that sad, sad list.

I suppose there is good news to come out of this, and that is that Jett Bandy is getting called up and will invariably get some playing time behind Carlos Perez. That is, until one of those two gets injured...or EVERYBODY gets injured and they just call the season a loss and take their #1 pick, perhaps? Maybe? No? Whatever.

This was already one suspect team coming into this year's campaign, and they've since been thrown every injury curveball in the book, making them even more suspect and less likely to compete in the division. Did someone curse this team? Or is it just bad luck or perhaps a wonky training staff? Whatever it is, please let this be the last 4-6 week injury we have to hear about this season. PLEASE.