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Vic, Gubi and Vin in a Snapchat Instaclassic

On last night's Angels-Dodgers TV broadcast, Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza were clowning around with Snapchat, while fanboy-freaking-out about their proximity to legendary Dodgers mic-man Vin Scully. One snap later, and a masterpiece of sports new media was born...

Victor Rojas snaps his masterpiece
Victor Rojas snaps his masterpiece
Victor Rojas

Vic Gubi and Vin Victor Rojas

The proud New Millennials....snapping for the ages.

Look at the composition on this thing!

Gubi's Reaganesque poise, with index finger pointing to the ghostly apparition of Vin, like Man reaching out to the Master in Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. Vic is cowed by the moment, in mortal terror of The Divine, while the once-great Angels legend, Tim Salmon, is framed cleverly as a memento mori in the lower right, reminding us that all great men must transform and pass on. And what can one say of the blood-red annotation: "Where's Vin?"

Where indeed. Where indeed goeth the master's voice when the broadcast hath ended?