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Tim Lincecum passes physical, deal with Angels is now finalized

Tim will get a base salary of just under $2 million plus another $1.7 mil in incentives.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like the deal to bring Tim Lincecum to the Halos is now done. As reported earlier today, Tim was in Anaheim for a physical. It was assumed that this was the last step in the signing process, and that upon his completion and passing of physical, the Angels front office and him would shake hands and he'd be able to finally get to work.

Well, according to Jon Heyman, that time has come. Lincecum has completed his physical, passed and he's now a member of the Los Angeles Angels. It's yet to be announced officially, but Heyman has been on top of this one already so there's really no reason not to believe him or his sources. The Freak is now ONE OF US!

Here's the news, straight from Heyman himself:

Okay, so we got a little bonus info there, too, in the form of some actual, concrete figures. While the contract is for $2.5 mil, he'll get a pro-rated amount that will end up being a little under the $2 mil mark. Not to mention the incentives. The Angels aren't committed to anything if it doesn't work out, and if it does work out, like Lincecum is betting it will, then he can test free agency after the a season.

We do have to cool our jets a little bit, however, because he still needs to get some reps in on the mound and get evaluated by the Angels before they can just throw him out there in the Big A. Look for him to spend about 3 weeks in the minors, ironing out the kinks and then hopefully, fingers crossed, he'll get put in the starting rotation and show us all he's got some stuff left in the tank.

I'm pulling for the guy, and the Angels could sure use some vintage Freak out there. I'm ready.


Jon Heyman fills us in a bit on the incentives portion of Lincecum's new deal with the Angels:

Get hyped. Maybe.