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Angels April GM approval poll: Do you like what Billy Eppler has done so far?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

So, one month under the General Management of Mr. Billy Eppler is in the books. Before yesterday's game, they had finished out April with an 11-13 record...typical Mike Scioscia slow start, although if they had shown up against the Rangers Friday or Saturday, they could have finished .500 or above. This isn't about Mike Scioscia, though. This is about Eppler.

What do we think of his moves, signings, trades, et al., now that we've seen these guys on the field? I have a feeling we love him for bringing us Andrelton "Simba" Simmons. We all probably think he's a wise, learned baseball guy for bringing us Yunel Escobar. The jury may still be out on the LF platoon of Nava and Gentry(injuries making it tough to gauge right now, on top of small sample size).

But let's see what the poll numbers would say. Are you down with Billy Eppler, or nah? Let's vote on it! Take into consideration all he did in the off-season and how it's translating into success, or not, so far in the young season(whether or not you want to put the lack of LF free agent signing on him, as opposed to Arte Moreno, is on you).

"We're here to help you Billy

Get back in the front office to stay

You gotta' work real hard

And stick it out

Till you bring us a championship parade"